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Photo: Xavi Menós (Rockefeller)

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Indré Rockefeller understands that her lifelong passion for international travel comes at the expense of her commitment to environmentalism. This reckoning—partly informed by her burgeoning career in fashion—led her in 2016 to co-found Paravel, the travel-accessories brand with an eye toward sustainability. But it wasn’t until early 2018, during an expedition to Antarctica with the Nature Conservancy, that Rockefeller fully recognized “the narrow window of time we had to mitigate some of the worst effects of climate change” and vowed to make protecting the environment her company’s top priority. As a result, Paravel is the first 100 percent sustainable travel brand, and is Climate Neutral–certified. Herewith, she spotlights four eco-friendly items

Superga Club S Organic-Cotton Sneakers

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