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Photo: Ryan Duffin (Silvestera)

My Favorite Things

Joey Silvestera trained as a taxidermist before turning his attention to the living. Within a few short years, he became the go-to purveyor of haircuts for downtown New York’s high-performing, low-maintenance style setters. Chloë Sevigny, Hamish Bowles, Angie Mar, and Dylan Penn are among the loyal regulars at Blackstones, his East Village salon, and now they are contributing their favorite style essentials to his new curated shop, the Blackstones Collective. Here, Silvestera shares his favorite basics, including the hair products he can’t do without

The Blackstones Collective


Five Wits Hair Cream

“This is truly all I use in my own hair, and all I need when doing hair. It’s an all-in-one styling product that works for almost all hair types. Super-user-friendly, with our incredible pepo-and-olive signature scent. I like to say you can use it like a primer coat of paint on wet hair, to tame frizz and set curls, and then you could also use it like a top coat on dry hair, as a finishing product. It does it all. Everyone I recommend it to loves it.”



Wool Fisherman’s Sweater

“I love their knitwear. Every late fall, I stop by Filson on the Lower East Side to pick up one of these gems. I know I can always rely on them to make at least one really great sweater. Their sweaters have become one of my winter staples.”


From $47

Glass-Handle Pour-Over Coffee-Maker

“I drink all different types of coffee, but I’ve recently switched from a ceramic pour-over to this new Chemex. There’s no going back! The Chemex helps me make, by far, the smoothest cup of coffee regardless of the brand of bean.”



Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones

“I’ve been a big Sony Electronics fan for years. I pretty much use these for two things only: flying and making playlists. It’s gotten to the point where I can’t fly without them, no matter how long the flight is. They also assist me in my late-night playlist-making for the Blackstones Collective, since we’ve started posting monthly playlists on our Spotify.”



Classic 550 Water-Resistant Chelsea Boot

“I’m going on my sixth year of wearing Blundstones. My current pair is my third pair. I love them because I can wear them year-round—in the summer with socks and shorts, or in the winter with denim. My son, Luka, has an identical pair.”

Turbo Power


Twin Turbo 3900 Advanced Hair Dryer

“This is the lightest, most powerful, and hottest professional blow-dryer I’ve used to date. Those three features are the most important for me behind the chair. For the price, I always recommend this to clients. The Twin Turbos are so durable and last for a very long time, way more than some of the more expensive dryers on the market.”

Mason Pearson


Handy Mixture-Bristle Hairbrush

“This company makes one of the oldest handmade brushes to date. I’ve been using them myself for 20 years. It’s multi-use: a de-tangler, for dry brushing, and amazing for blow-drying. It’s the Swiss Army knife of hairbrushes. It’s my No. 1 tool, set aside from my scissors and comb.”



Ritual Serum

“I recently switched from face creams to oils. After experimenting with a few, I’ve landed here. This by far is the best serum for me. I love that it’s fragrance-free. A little goes a long way, and it moisturizes and keeps my face feeling soft throughout the day. I use it day and night.”

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