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Photo: Guy Aroch (Torstensson)

My Favorite Things

After co-founding Industrie magazine, Erik Torstensson launched Frame in 2012 with a single aim: to create the perfect pair of skinny jeans. Now, as the supermodel-beloved brand celebrates its 10th anniversary (with a first-of-its-kind collaboration with the Ritz Paris, no less), it’s safe to say that Torstensson—who oversees collections, photographs campaigns, and even designs the furniture found in stores—has achieved his vision in spades. And yet, the Swedish farm boy-turned-New York creative powerhouse shows no signs of slowing down: in addition to Frame, he and his partner, Jens Grede, helm 12 companies, touching everything from sales to art direction and public relations. In the rare moments he pauses, he can be found at the English estate he shares with Net-a-Porter founder Natalie Massenet and their four-year-old son. Here, he spotlights the items that fill their home—and more of his must-haves

José Zanine Caldas


“Namoradeira” Chair

“I am obsessed with furniture crafted by Brazilian and American woodworkers. These loveseats by Jose Zanine Caldas are an incredible example of almost Brutalist design fashioned into something emotional and connective – as much as sculptural artwork is a piece of furniture.”

Philip Gefter


What Becomes a Legend Most: A Biography of Richard Avedon

“I struggle with reading as my attention span is very short but I did get through this. Mr. Avedon is pretty much responsible for why I do what I do.”



Rough Luxury Molding Paste

“I have tried them all and I can report this is the ultimate hair styling product for men – not too shiny, not too matt. Make it look like you don’t care when you secretly know that you do.”

Alex Eagle


Rustic Bamboo Cutlery Set

“Durable and chic, this is our day-to-day cutlery at our English country house. Tablescaping is a family affair in our world.”



4-in-1 Japanese Ceramic Tabletop BBQ Grill

“Get a couple of these Japanese BBQ grills and place them on the table for your next dinner. Don’t forget to get the special slow-burning coal and get your guests to do the work for you by cooking their own food. They can be used for anything; we love it with extremely thinly sliced marinated filet of beef (freeze after you marinade and cut it semi-frozen for wafer-thin slices).”

The Lacquer Company x John Derian


Lacquer Oval Tray

“Put this on your countertop and fill it with your drink of choice – et voilà, a chic minibar.”



The Jetset Flare in Sheen Noir

“The best-selling travel jean from FRAME. Nothing beats this mix of comfort and style. From home, to plane, to hotel, to dinner, if you so like.”

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