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As the interior designer behind countless celebrity properties—not to mention The Row’s residential-in-spirit Melrose Place boutique—Courtney Applebaum has mastered the art of transforming a house into a home, thanks, in part, to her impeccable collection of antique treasures and her very own single-material accent pieces. Below, she shares the display-worthy essentials she can’t live without

Le Blanc


Summer Verbena Laundry Wash

“The best detergent. I also love their collaboration with Yves Delorme. I’m the brand ambassador they never asked for.”



Bond Organizer in Panama

“I have to write everything down. This organizer lives up to its name.”



Antique Hand-Blown Murano Glass Flute

“I love to collect these flutes and drink wine out of them. It makes for a more fun and fanciful experience.”



Aquarelle One-Piece Swimsuit

“I only wear Eres bathing suits. The Aquarelle is a classic. I got it in cream this year and didn’t take it off all summer.”

Mariage Frères


English Breakfast Tea Tin

I stopped drinking coffee a while ago and now have this tea every morning. I love it.”

Alain Ramie


Picasso: Catalogue of the Edited Ceramic Works 1947-1971

“Books are a huge part of my research and inspiration. My library is what I consistently return to, and comprehensive catalogs like this are so important for the buying process. Plus, I love ceramics.”

The Row


Astrea Striped Cotton-Poplin Shirt

“I love The Row shirts or a Charvet nightshirt to wear to the beach or to sleep.”



Now Generation 2 i-Type Instant Camera

“We use our Polaroid when we have people over. I keep the photos in a silver box and love the memories. Plus, it makes everyone look great.”

Courtney Applebaum Design


Seeded Glass Catch All

I haven’t lost my keys since I made this catchall. I think the glass is so stunning, and you can always use it as an ashtray.”

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