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Best-Guest List

As the season of festivities draws near, plan ahead both in matters of outfits and offerings for your gracious host. After all, there’s no surer way to receive a repeat invitation to the annual soirées than by arriving with a carefully chosen token of appreciation in hand

Pienza Graduated Decanter

Cheeky Cocktail Napkin, Set of Four

Party Starters

The Holiday Collection

Oven Pot, 22 cm

Collepino Twisted Beeswax Candle

Alice Neel, Uptown



Chili Infused Olive Oil


From $123

Royal Ossetra Caviar

In Collaboration With



A5 Diary

Grand Brut

The Tray Set in Molded Leather

Karat EG Candle

Ester Hand Towel



Bookmark in Silverstone and Buffalo Cognac

Area Home

From $345.00

Liam Throw

Lemon Bath & Body Care Apothecary Box

Seaglass Salt Dish



Sea Salt Flakes

Cigar Cookie Tin

Pienza Tapered Goblet

Reggio Cameo Wax, Set of Four

Organic Matcha Essentials

Circle Charger Plate in Blue & Green

Preserved Lemons, Set of Two


From $98.00

Facet Bowl in Marble

Newbury Kitchen Towels, Set of Three

Mother of Pearl Caviar Spoons, Set of Two

Melograno Scented Terracotta Diffuser

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