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Photo: Chris Gloag (Heuman)

My Favorite Things

Following the successful release of her first book, Every Room Should Sing, in 2021, London-based designer Beata Heuman and her studio are busy working on multiple residential projects around the globe, in addition to their first hotel, located in Paris. And Shoppa, Heuman’s recently launched online store, continues to grow exponentially, designing and launching new lighting, textiles, hardware, and furniture. Herewith, Heuman, who was born in Sweden and launched her firm in 2013, shares a few of her top selections of the moment

Loretta Caponi


Stefania Midi Dress

Loretta Caponi in Florence is delightfully old-fashioned, and the house has continued to make their signature styles in the ever-changing world of fashion. They even have an in-house seamstress who can make adjustments, if needed. What’s not to love?”

Edie Parker


Flavia Bag in Silver Confetti

“It’s nearly impossible to pick just one piece from Edie Parker’s collection—they are all delicious! This sparkly number is particularly irresistible.”

Beata Heuman


Florentine Coasters

“Our Florentine Coasters are made completely by hand in Florence - cast in re-assuringly weighty, solid brass. They are in constant use in my home and they look wonderful on side tables even without a drink on top.”

Susanne Kaufmann


St. John’s Wort Bath

“This is such a treat for hot baths. which I have at least once a day. I much prefer baths to showers! It smells so good, and leaves me feeling calm and refreshed.”

Amber Guinness


A House Party in Tuscany

“Having thoroughly enjoyed my dear friend Amber Guinness’s hosting for almost two decades I’m thrilled she finally decided to jot down her methods and recipes on paper. It’s a joy to cook from and has already provided me with a range of new go-to dishes. Her writing is also a beautiful account of growing up in Italy.”

Svenskt Tenn


Schnapps Fish

“Snapps - a fantastic way to jolly along a meal as any self-respecting Swede will tell you, but who knew it could be this chic? From my favourite interiors shop in the world: Svenskt Tenn in Stockholm.”

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