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My Favorite Things

Anna Scott Carter’s passion for the art of stationery began early on when her father was working for Queen Elizabeth II. Years later, while living in Provence with her husband, Graydon Carter, she longed for a “personal, stylish” way to stay in touch with friends far and wide. Together, the partners created Electragram, a digital correspondence platform that offers the old-school charm of a handwritten letter at the speed of an e-mail. Below, Carter shares her favorite finds—all of which, like her customized cards, are just a click away

Anya Hindmarch


A5 Notebook Holder Work/Personal

“This beautiful leather notebook holder from Anya Hindmarch has changed my life. One side has a work notebook, and the reverse is a personal notebook. Now, I can keep everything organized in one place.”



Rose Geranium Bath Soap

“This smell is like a madeleine for me. It takes me straight back to my English boarding school where Floris’s Rose Geranium Bath Essence was the one luxury in an otherwise spartan existence. I only used one drop per bath to make it last.”


$10 per month


“In this hurried, technology-focused world, I felt there was no charmingly personal or stylish way to be in touch with friends and family in the digital space. Snail mail is too slow, and emails and texts feel too generic and unspecial. Electragram is the solution.”

Sea Star Beachwear x Minnow


Women’s Beachcomber Espadrille in Powder Blue Stripe

“The perfect stylish shoe for exploring rock pools at the beach.”

Don Bocarte


Cantabrian Anchovies in Olive Oil

“To my mind, there is nothing more delicious than these anchovies on hot, buttered toast. My stepson, Spike, introduced us to this treat during lockdown and we would source it from a specialty French grocery. Now, you can buy it on Amazon.”

Edie Parker


Tabletop Lighter in Alabaster

“Even if we’re all ‘non-smokers’ now, there is nothing chicer than this Edie Parker lighter to spiff up your coffee table. It sits atop its own matching ashtray, which is perfect for those fun late dinners when cigarettes magically appear and I, for one, say ‘maybe just one…’”

C.O. Bigelow

From $9.00

Lavender Peppermint Shampoo

“C.O. Bigelow in Greenwich Village has all the charm of an old apothecary (it was founded in 1838) with a well-curated selection of beauty brands. The pharmacists are knowledgeable, patient, and kind, and my husband swears by Bigelow products.”

Hartmut Lohmeyer


1950s Chairs

“Marella Agnelli had fabulous wicker furniture dotted among her houses and I have always wanted some. We found two of these vintage chairs online during lockdown and I pounced!”

Edith Wharton


The Custom of the Country

“I love this book and reread it every few years. Edith Wharton’s keen observations of the social figures in New York in the late 1800s are peerless, and I delight in identifying the Undine Spragg in modern day New York (and elsewhere).”

Tory Burch


Sculpt Diagonal Chevron Leggings

“Tory Burch designs the perfect workout clothes. I love her Chevron collection, which I was first put onto by my very stylish stepdaughter.”

Prince of Peace


Organic White Tea

“I’m a tea drinker and this is my favorite. Plus, it’s stuffed with antioxidants (more so than green tea), so my hope is that it mitigates the less beneficial effects of my wine drinking!”

Carolina Herrera


Embroidered Strapless Ball Gown

“Carolina Herrera is impeccably stylish, funny, kind, generous, and loyal. She designed my wedding dress in the palest celadon green, as well as the beautiful dresses I wore every year to the Vanity Fair Oscar party hosted by my husband. Anything from Carolina Herrera is beautifully designed and utterly timeless.”

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My Favorite Things
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My Favorite Things
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My Favorite Things
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