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Photo: Adirondack Alliance/Photofest (The Beer Drinker’s Guide to Fitness & Filmmaking)

Adirondack Dispatch

With millions of acres of magnificent beauty, it’s little wonder that the Adirondacks were the Gilded Age getaway of robber barons. And still the region, with its muscular mountains and serene lakes, transports visitors away from the pedestrian worries of everyday life. With that in mind, and fall in the air, AIR MAIL offers up this cozy collection—including a canoe and the perfect outfit to wear while paddling it

Brushed-Cotton Work Shirt


Price Upon Request

1953 Swiss Coachbuilt Bus

Greenflex Boots

All-Weather Classic Adirondack Chair

Originals Sneakers

Rapids Beavertail Paddle

Standard Issue 8x25 Waterproof Binoculars

Seventy2 Survival System

R+D. Lab


Doppio Reversible Wool-and-Cashmere Blanket

Wonderboom 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker



Moisturizing Renewal Cream Suprême

America’s Great Forest Trails: 100 Woodland Hikes of a Lifetime

Camp Acorn Canoe Buddies

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