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A Cultural Compass
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Terence Donovan

Terence Donovan, Twiggy, 1966.

49 Dorset Street, London, W1U 7NF, United Kingdom

Terence Donovan, born in East London in 1936, took pictures with a Pentax 6x7. During the Swinging London 60s, he photographed some of the city’s most celebrated figures. In the 1970s, Donovan moved on to film production but still used his Pentax on assignments for Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. It was his portraits of people like Maggie Smith, Jimi Hendrix, Princess Diana, and John Galliano, however, that won acclaim. Donovan didn’t come at photography as an art form but as work. As Sally Vincent wrote in The Guardian in 2000, “Donovan’s value system was founded, like Thatcher’s, on the Protestant work ethic, which is all the more potent for being tacit. Work hard, and you get rewarded; idle, and you don’t.” In 1996, suffering from depression, Donovan died by his own hand. His incredible library of images––which includes thousands of television ads––is brought to light in this exhibition. —Zack Hauptman

Photo: © Terence Donovan/courtesy of Atlas Gallery and the Terence Donovan Archive

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