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Matcha Gokoro Refill


Shipped from Chafinity

Editor’s Notes:

Embodying the spirit of Japanese tea ceremonies, these premium, certified organic gyokuro green tea leaves are meticulously stone-ground to perfection.

About the Brand

Chafinity aspires to create exceptional experiences through the healing power of organic matcha. Grown on a small family farm, Chafinity prizes quality of excellence over mass production to provide customers with the freshest tea, harvested only once a year.

Size & Fit

30 grams of Organic Stone Ground Ceremonial Green Tea Powder

  • Refill designed for Matcha Gokoro tins
  • Sachet is packaged in an aluminum-free, eco-friendly box
  • Premium, certified organic gyokuro green tea leaves meticulously stone-ground to perfection
  • Plants go through a double-shading process before harvest to yield an abundance of chlorophyll and L-theanine. The leaves are then steamed to prevent oxidation, hand-rolled to break down the cell walls, and filtered out until the highest quality of gyokuro remains. Finally, the gyokuro undergo a low and slow process to powderize the tea leaves into matcha, using a traditional Japanese stone mill
Instructions & Care

Usage instructions: pour hot water into the chawan, or tea bowl, to warm up the vessel. Pour out water and wipe bowl clean. Scoop two grams of Matcha Gokoro and sift. Pour over two ounces of hot water at 80 degrees Celsius. Begin whisking in a rapid back-and-forth motion until frothy. Ease your speed and gently lift whisk off foam starts to set.

Care instructions: keep refrigerated after opening. Utilize the Matcha Gokoro plastic lid for an airtight seal. Avoid oxygen exposure as much as possible.

Shipping & Returns

Orders will be sent directly by the brand. Expect to receive a confirmation e-mail with tracking details as soon as your order has shipped. Thank you.

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