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Photo: Krista Schleuter (Weiss)

My Favorite Things

By day, Zachary Weiss is a brand consultant, currently serving as the head of brand for Outerspace, a logistics-and-warehousing concept for high-growth direct-to-consumer companies. By night, he is a man-about-town. After getting his start in Manhattan as a weekly party columnist at age 23, he remains a social fixture, often spending his off-hours glad-handing and globe-trotting. From the bombastic to the downright banal, here are just a few of his favorite things

Zachary Weiss for Stubbs & Wootton


Club Sandwich Velvet Slippers

“My ego wouldn’t allow me to not include a pair of velvet slippers from my collaboration with Stubbs & Wootton, which was all inspired by my favorite elements of hotel living—including the club sandwich!”

Hill House Home


The Men’s Hotel Robe

“And in my endless quest to replicate hotel living at home, I turned to Hill House for this plush, piped bathrobe.”

Anderson & Sheppard


Cashmere Roll Neck Sweater

“This was originally a splurge item, since it looks like any other navy turtleneck, but it’s quickly become an essential layering piece. I don’t travel without it.”

New & Lingwood


Peacock Silk Dressing Gown

“I spent my first three years in Manhattan hitting the pavement as a party columnist for a newspaper, and got burnt out on regular black-tie. I like to spice it up with outlandish options, like this silk robe from New & Lingwood, which gives new meaning to ‘peacocking.’”

Thom Browne


Slim-Fit, Button-Down-Collar Oxford Shirt

“I had a bunch of white shirts made, very affordably, the last time I was in Hong Kong. I like—and by ‘like’ I mean ‘refuse to wear any shirts without’—an oversized Oxford collar. This Thom Browne iteration is an elevated take on that … not to mention I’d join a cult if Browne started one.”



Fringed Wool-Blend Jacquard Rug

“I’m lucky to visit Montana every so often, and I try to steal inspiration from the homes out there for my apartment, to avoid falling in the ‘midcentury metropolitan’ trap that seems to plague Manhattan.”



Champagne Saber

“A favorite wedding gift to break the tired tradition of giving servingware and salad bowls.”

Brunello Cucinelli


Nino Buffalo-Horn Sunglasses

“I can always rationalize a new pair of sunglasses due to the fact that I can’t grow out of them, and they last a lifetime … provided I don’t lose them in a cab.”

Nice Laundry


Boxer Briefs Variety 3-Pack

“I have at least 20 pairs of these boxer briefs. Supersoft, with just enough stretch.”

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