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Welcome to My Bathroom

I have about a thousand beauty products. Maybe more. But the ones that earn a place in my medicine cabinet and shower are prized and tested performers. Essentially, they’re my medicine, and they have no side effects—only pleasure



HA+ Replenishing Serum

I love this new line of skin-care products from legit scientists in the bio-pharma world. This serum contains ingredients that are encapsulated to penetrate the skin’s surface, hydrating and firming it. I’ve seen the before-and-after photos, and they’re compelling.



La Crème Main

To say this is just a hand cream is like saying caviar is just fish eggs. Yes, but no. The lightly floral-scented formula moisturizes and absorbs quickly, so I can return to my laptop without sliding all over the keyboard. And the egg-shaped packaging turns boring hand cream into an object of desire.



Eau d’Orange Verte Shower Gel

This lemon, lime, and orange scent is like a refreshing wake-up call. Word is, the original fragrance was created for men, but I find the shower gel exactly right for me.

Augustinus Bader


The Rich Cream

My review of this product is yes, no, maybe. Yes, I use it. No, I’m

not sure if it will make me look younger. And maybe there is no

such thing as a miracle. At the very least, I’m well moisturized.

Rogé Cavaillès


Savon Extra Doux, Set of 4

I love the heft of this bar soap, its insane creaminess, and its faint honey scent. I buy it on trips to France, but it’s easy, if less romantic, to get on Amazon.



Deuxième Postbiotic Fermented Cleanser

This contains no harsh surfactants, which is highly unusual for a foaming cleanser. Instead, the inner packaging, plus a good shake, turn it into a light, lovely mousse.



Superscreen Daily Moisturizer

This excellent S.P.F. 40 face moisturizer is an ideal start to the day. It’s a fast way to get hydrating protection and doesn’t leave a white cast or interfere with makeup.

Tom Ford


Neroli Portofino

A sparkling citrus fragrance, sprinkled with herbs and a touch of amber, this reminds me of spending a day swimming at La Fontelina, in Capri.

Beauty Thinkers


Hydroxytyrosol Antioxidant Cream

The key molecule in this cream is derived from olive oil and contains significantly more antioxidant power than the leading serum on the market, according to independent scientists who tested it. It protects skin cells from damage caused by the sun and pollution.



Superare Microflora Barrier Film

One clue that this spray contains a good bacteria from fermented Ayurvedic ingredients: its yeasty smell, which I find strangely appealing. It helps produce a multitude of postbiotics on the skin to reduce inflammation and redness.



The Body Exfoliator Sandalwood

A chemical and physical exfoliant that contains volcanic pumice and bamboo charcoal plus alpha and beta hydroxy acids, this is a gentle, not scratchy, scrub.



Eau d’Orange Verte Body Lotion

A citrusy scent in a lotion that’s almost milk-like in texture. It’s not the most moisturizing formula on the planet, but its fragrance is bright and happy.

Yves Durif



It’s hard to get excited about a comb, but this one is pretty sexy. It’s made of a nearly indestructible resin, lasts pretty much forever, and is a great way to distribute hair conditioner or treatments from roots to ends.

R + Co Bleu


De Luxe Reparative Shampoo

I am deprived in the hair department. Mine is thin, weak, and sad. This shampoo does a commendable job strengthening fragile hair like mine with various oils and extracts. It has an appealing citrus scent.



Daily Renewal Cream Rich

This cream pumps skin with peptides, niacinamide, and

antioxidants. It’s beautifully rich but not thick and helps my skin

endure the unforgiving radiator heat of a pre-war apartment.



The Body Wash Eucalyptus

An oil-gel hybrid loaded with glycerin, niacinamide, and marula oil, this body wash produces just enough lather. And the eucalyptus scent makes your shower smell like a spa.

La Mer


The Body Crème

Yes, the price is pure madness for a body cream, but I love it, especially when I’ve received it as a gift. The whipped texture glides over the skin without leaving it slippery, and it feels like a glamorous spa treatment.

Frederic Malle


Noir Epices Parfum

This is a fresh spicy fragrance, which sounds like an oxymoron. It’s composed in layers of amber and woody notes for depth without heaviness.

R + Co Bleu


Reparative Masque

I’ve never been much of a hair-mask (or masque) person, because I don’t love standing around in a cold bathroom for 10 minutes while it does its thing. This takes only a few minutes and leaves my hair smooth, untangled, and shiny.



Moisturizing Cream

Every dermatologist I know loves CeraVe for its no-nonsense, excellently priced moisturizer. In the driest months of winter, I coat my face with this like it’s cupcake frosting. I also keep a jar in my shower scooped into an empty Crème de la Mer jar because a) I don’t like the CeraVe packaging, and b) I’m cheugy.



Coco Noir Eau de Parfum

Like Coco Mademoiselle’s nocturnal, misbehaving sister, this sensual fragrance is a mix of bergamot, geranium leaf, tonka bean, and patchouli.



Razor Starter Kit

An award-winning five-blade razor is surrounded by two strips of aloe to soothe skin. It has a grippy handle, a magnetic stand, and comes with two razor cartridges.



Luxe+ Advanced Sonic Dermaplaning + Peach Fuzz Removal

Like a sonic toothbrush, this clever device whirs and shimmies, removing “a cocktail of debris” (meaning hair and dead skin cells) safely and effectively, says founder Dara Levy. It comes with four replacement edges, a charging station, and a prepping serum to protect and soothe skin.



Dermal Sérum

I love that this serum absorbs quickly and still manages to soothe my dry legs. It contains aloe juice, which is an anti-inflammatory, along with hyaluronic acid and encapsulated vitamin C. And it smells slightly like almonds.



Retinol Time Rewind Retinol Powder

To preserve its potency, Exponent sells a powdered form of

retinol that you combine with a pre-measured dose of a

hyaluronic serum delivered in a fluted canister. Just mix the

powder and serum with your finger and apply.

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