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Photo: Carter Smith (Wells)

My Favorite Things

In addition to innumerable accolades over a storied and evolving career, Linda Wells, the founding editor of Allure magazine, has earned a reputation for providing her honest take on everything from fashion to business. It’s a quality that’s long endeared her to legions of loyal readers—and, since the founding of her own beauty brand, Flesh, to customers as well. This week, Wells brings that unmatched beauty expertise to AIR MAIL with a collection of her favorites. Herewith, she highlights her go-to sunscreen (“I start the day with this and an iced coffee”) and lash ritual (“These products truly made my lashes longer in about a month”). Plus, she recommends a face treatment that “helps the body’s own stem cells kick into action” alongside a hair tonic that transports one to “the Amalfi Coast in July”

The Rich Cream

Daily Lash Ritual

Essential Hair Tonic

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