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Photo: Katie McCurdy (Nguyen)

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Stylist Beverly Nguyen made waves among a set of fashionable downtown New Yorkers this spring when she unveiled her jewel-box, pop-up specialty-homewares store, Beverly’s NYC, on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. It didn’t take long, however, for Nguyen’s curation of affordable yet covet-worthy staples—dish towels, glassware, cooking utensils, even an eponymous olive oil sourced from a family-owned orchard in Santa Ynez, California—to catch on in larger circles. Which is why it made sense for the brick-and-mortar retail concept to broaden its horizons a bit farther uptown, bringing with it a certain cachet to a space at Rockefeller Center. “Often, planning a trip can be more satisfying and fantastical than the actual vacation itself,” says Nguyen of her ultimate packing list. “Travel requirements would be water, cooking over an open fire, diamonds, and champagne!”



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