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Photo: Dmitry Maximov (Fecchino)

My Favorite Things

While growing up in Buenos Aires, Marcos Fecchino quickly discovered that he was most at home behind the camera. And so, after studying photography and film, the young producer and creative director moved to New York where he opened his own agency, MF Studio. Over a decade on, Fecchino has masterminded campaigns for the likes of Marc Jacobs and YSL, all the while dressed in an understated—but nevertheless exquisite—uniform, as detailed below

Oliver Peoples


Cary Grant Sunglasses

“I have been wearing these every day for the past four years. Every now and then I’ll switch it up by way of different color combinations for different occasions, but, by rule, I am a one sunglasses type of a guy.”



Moisturizing Skin Cream

“I found this cream at a gardening shop in London years ago and it has been in my life since. It’s great for dry hands after gardening, or as a good rich face cream after a long flight. You’re welcome.”



Men’s Cotton Undershirt

“A white T-shirt has become a part of my identity. If you know me, you know I wear a white T-shirt with blue or black jeans every day.”

Mitsubishi Pencil Co. Ltd


Pencil Co. Dozen HB Pencils

“In a digital world, pencils get the short end of the stick, but I am partial to pencils! On my desk, I have a pencil holder with over 30 pencils. Nothing beats writing with a freshly sharpened pencil.”

Maison D’Etto


Macanudo Candle

“Candles are something I cannot live without, whether in my home or office. This Maison d’Etto scent has a touch of uniqueness that fills up the space in the most subtle way. The green canister is as beautiful as the smell itself.”

The Row


Carlise Straight-Leg Jeans

“Having worked and been involved in fashion for so many years, I end up gravitating towards a uniform. These jeans are the perfect take on black denim. They cost a pretty penny—69,000 to be exact—but are totally worth it.”



Men’s Fleece-Lined Work Jacket

“With any new purchase, I try to think about the lifespan of an item, from the present day to how it will age with me. This multifaceted jacket is perfect for a fall day in the country or a winter day in the city; it can swing both formal and informal and will last a lifetime.”



Green Tea

“I am a tea drinker and find that canned drinks taste better. I recently discovered green tea that comes in a can! What else is there to say?”

Richard Prince



“Richard Prince created the perfect coffee-table book, which merges my cowboy obsession with evocative content in a contemporary way.”



Large Incognito Cabas in Marrakech Suede

“My constant hunt for the perfect bag may have come to an end. This can be used for work, the gym, or as a weekender… Plus, you can tell that it will age beautifully. The more beat up, the better!”

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