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Though born and raised in Geneva, Luc Goidadin has become an exemplar of British craftsmanship: after spending 15 years at Burberry as the Chief Design Officer, the Central Saint Martins and Royal College of Art graduate became the creative director of the heritage stationery house Smythson of Bond Street in 2019. Here, he shares the pieces he can’t live without



Envelope Folio Crossbody Bag

“A briefcase doesn’t suit me, so this is a chic and sleek way to carry my laptop, diary, and papers.”



Responsible Cashmere-Blend Roll-Neck Sweater

“London brand Raey produces easy, modern pieces with an eye on sustainability. I’m actually looking forward to the autumnal chill to snuggle into this roll-neck.”



Lorelei Flat Sheet

“I never expected that I’d grow up to find bedding so thrilling! I revel in framed pillowcases, and these remind me of our fun scalloped Smythson stationery cards.”



Now+ Generation 2 & Summer Edition Set

“Hate a selfie, love a Polaroid! Every shot counts and they are just so brilliantly flattering.”

Serge Lutens


Chergui Eau de Parfum

“I lived near the Serge Lutens boutique in the Palais-Royal years ago, which is when I discovered Chergui. The scent is now so familiar to me that describing it is almost impossible.”

Salman Rushdie


Victory City

“A rollicking epic, told in a voice that is wise, wry, and mischievous. It’s poetic but never pompous and I didn’t want it to end.”



All About Eve

“In the age of streaming, some films are still worth owning, for those days when nothing but an old favourite will do. All About Eve is a delight from start to finish. Bette Davis at her fiercest, swigging Martinis like they’re Evian. Even Marilyn Monroe puts in an appearance. Cinematic bliss.”

Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound


Brick Puzzle Dog Toy

“Owners of hyperactive type A terriers will know that these toys are nothing short of essential. I also love imagining what Nina Ottosson’s R&D process must be like.”



Suze Aperitif

“As a kid in France, I would pass a stunning faded 30s mural advertisement for this most Belle Epoque of aperitifs. Other than being featured in a 1912 Picasso papier collé, it also turns out to be delicious with tonic or as a quirky substitute for Campari in a Negroni.”



Red Chinoiserie Mirror

“I have an irrepressible antique mirror addiction, not so much due to narcissistic impulses but rather owing to the drama and extra dimension they add to any room. I also love the way light glows on old, mottled mirrors in the evening, ideal if you enjoy a pleasantly haunted atmosphere.”



Multi-Zip Case

“I bought this case before even joining Smythson, having lusted over a friend’s. I use it to file away receipts, business cards, my passport, and currencies. That way I always feel smugly organized whenever I travel.”

Angeletti Ruzza


Cocktail Green Side Table

“I suspect my final words of wisdom might be that you can never have enough side tables. They are too often overlooked, yet essential to any reception room. How often have you sat down comfortably only to despair that you have nowhere to set down your book, glasses, drink, etc.?”

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