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The second of nine children in a dynastic surfing family, Jonathan Paskowitz cut his own impressive line in the sport, winning, among many other titles, the world’s longboard championship in 1987. His accomplishments on the waves led to a successful career at the helm of the surf-adjacent brands Black Flys, an eyewear line; Lightning Bolt, a beachy clothing label; and Blood, a luxury surf shop on N.Y.C.’s Crosby Street. Beyond the retail space, Paskowitz, alongside AIR MAIL Co-Editor Graydon Carter, co-produced the documentary Surfwise, about his acclaimed family. And more recently, having moved to Paris seven years ago, he dove headlong into the metaverse by developing a blockchain-based authentication tool, called DNA. Herewith, the multi-hyphenate athlete—who, with his family, also started two nonprofits, Surfing 4 Peace and Surfers Healing—shares his top picks of the moment

Western Hydrodynamic Research Promotional Hat


“I love the quality of this cap and the unique bungee-cord back. Punker Pat from W.H.R., as it’s referred to, does it right. Caps come and go, but when I saw photographer Mary Frey wearing this one, it became my favorite. S.O.S.—save our seas!”

Tom Sachs


Winnebago Sticker

“I love stickers! I was practically born in a camper. ‘Tom Snacks’ was our favorite eccentric surfer at Paskowitz Surf Camp.”

Pierre Hardy


Planet Cube Box Black White And Orange

“I use this for my necessare travel bag. I love the leather and the quality. its a beautiful object.”

Le Petit Porteur


Cargo Bike

“Living in Paris, one of the joys of life is biking your chores away, and shopping adventures with a dog or small person are always better on a bike. We love our little porter!”



Wahine Warriors Jersey

“I was fortunate to be born at the epoch of the commercial surf industry; it was all family all the time. The brands all knew each other and the people were your kindred spirits. Take that ‘old school’ spirit of camaraderie and slap it on the ‘new school’ cool of ledge-skater, surfer, model, and entrepreneur Evan Mock and you get luxe surf brand Wahine.”

Bianca Chadon


Lover Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt

“Words can’t describe my love for my ‘Lover’ hoodie. Alex Olson—known to be the most handsome, balanced man, who can still talk car-crusty talk with bearded men—crushed this masterpiece with his fashion brand Bianca Chandon.”



Johnny Sunglasses

“Blood surf sunglasses have that quality that I miss from the olden days of Ray-Ban and Cool-Ray. Glass G-15 lenses that really, actually protect your eyes. Hand-made acetate with a heft of luxury I adore. Plus, they are the ‘Jonny’ model!”

Rancho Organics


Sensitive Extra-Strength CBD Relief Salve

“Rancho Organics is the best. Hold-the-presses, slap-your-leg, ring-the-bell best! As a fully grown man who still surfs, skateboards, and is a fanatic of French-style bike riding, my leg aches leave me destroyed—laid out, loins akimbo. This salve really controls muscle pain and is not a stinky balm.”

Cantabria Labs


Heliocare Advanced SPF 50 Cream

“O.K., was I bad at putting on skin-care sun-blockers? Yes! ‘Why,’ you may ask, ‘is a man who has been at the beach his whole life not better at that?’ Well, the texture was greasy and ill-feeling and sometimes the perfumes were really, really bad. Then I discovered Heliocare in Palma de Mallorca a few years ago and now this is all I use. It finishes dry, is nice to touch, and its sublime, mild smell is quite pleasant. I give it five out of five stars.”

Gerry Lopez


Classic Bolt Surfboard

“It’s impossible to explain the impact Gerry Lopez had on my life. He was the best surfer, the nicest guy, and a breakthrough athlete that carried the torch of master of style for years—maybe decades. In such a way did he dominate stylish surf perfection that even to this day his world-famous lightning-bolt-symbol surfboard sparks attention. I consider this one of my prized possessions. Aloha uncle Gerry.”

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