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Photo: Stanglmayr (Duong)

My Favorite Things

While studying architecture at the École des Beaux-Arts, Anh Duong—with her balletic poise and Modigliani-like visage—caught the attention of photographer David Seidner and, soon after, countless designers. In 1988, however, the French model became her own best muse when she moved to New York and started painting her now signature self-portraits. Ahead of the opening of her latest exhibition, at Galerie Gmurzynska, Duong shares her must-haves

Santa Maria Novella


Melograno in Scented Terracotta

“I love this handcrafted terracotta object, and its scent is surprisingly long lasting. The brand can trace its roots back to the Florence of 1221. It’s very special to think that it’s had 800 years of history.”

Carolina Irving & Daughters


Cobalt Lace Plate

“Carolina Irving & Daughters’ handmade plates capture the spirit of different European countries. They have an authentic look and a bohemian-chic vibe. Even if you are serving a simple dish, they will make your meal interesting and impress your guests.”



Loki Slippers

“I love to feel comfortable and cozy at home and put my feet to rest in these slippers. I just bought another pair for Paris, and I also like to wear them at the studio. They’re the best winter item.”

Victoria Beckham


Satin Kajal Liner

“When it comes to makeup, I tend to be lazy and like something quick and easy. This eyeliner is the best for doing a smoky eye. And it comes in all different colors according to your mood.”

Fortnum & Mason


Royal Blend 25 Tea Bags

“While painting, I like to take my break in the studio with a cup of tea.”



Mixed Shape Diamond Bracelet

“It’s always nice to have some sparkle, a girl’s best friend, and know that no one had to suffer for them. Vrai’s diamonds are grown in a lab.”

DR Instruments


Lab Coat

“I wear this coat at the studio to paint. Over the years, it gets stained with paint and looks like a beautiful palette. It also gives you a look of authority, like a doctor.”



Van Gogh à Auvers-sur-Oise

“There is so much to see in one great exhibition. I like to collect the books of my favorite shows and go over the paintings again and again to get inspired.”



Furlanes Mary Janes

“These Mary Janes work with everything, and you can stack them in different colors in your suitcase.”



Karma Blue Crescent & Belcher Chain Necklace

“Foundrae’s gold medallions have beautiful, inspiring messages that remind you what is important. They work from daytime to evening; you can wear them casually at the studio with jeans and T-shirts or to black-tie events.”

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