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Photo: Richard Phibbs (Mellone)

My Favorite Things

Brazilian-born interior-and-architectural designer Andre Mellone is so cherished by his loyal clients that for a period he remained something of a guarded secret in certain circles. All that, unsurprisingly, started to change—and fast—thanks to organic recognition from a host of fellow top designers, major publications, and higher-profile projects. Most recently, Studio Mellone has been charged with refurbishing a historic lobby at Rockefeller Center, “which is a huge deal for us,” he says of the commission. “It was a gut renovation, and we designed all of the light fixtures with Apparatus, furniture with Green River Project, custom rugs—it was a big, big hospitality project in a legendary building complex.” Needless to say, Mellone has been on the go of late; these are the items he keeps close at hand



Original Cabin Suitcase

“I used to always check luggage because it gave me more flexibility, but after COVID, traveling is more about reducing the chances of something going wrong. It made me learn how to pack and travel light.”



Eau d’Orange Vert

“I’m not a perfume guy, but I think there are classics that will always exist for a reason, and this is one of them.”



Slim-Fit Cotton-and-Linen-Blend Cargo Trousers

“I have this strange relationship with cargo trousers. They’re part of my uniform, so I’m always looking for different cargos: ones that are more sporty, ones that are more dressed up. But I always wear them.”



Cashmere Knitted Gloves

“They’re a perfect accessory—wonderful quality, and they feel great on the hands.”

Warby Parker


Hayes Sunglasses

“All about the classics—it’s a very well-designed shape, looks great on the face, and you’re not spending a fortune to have a cool, high-quality pair of sunglasses.”



Scent of Marihuana Candle

“It’s such a beautiful product because it comes in this amazing ceramic pot. I don’t typically keep candle containers, but I kept this one because it’s so pretty. And I love the smell.”

Georg Jensen


Manhattan Champagne Bowl

“This is a gorgeous object to have. I’m a huge Jensen fan, and I think anyone could make use of it.”



Pure Cashmere Throw

“It’s another classic—not in fashion—just beautiful quality. This particular throw will look good with almost any bedding. And it’s something you will have forever.”

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My Favorite Things
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My Favorite Things
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