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A Cultural Compass
For the World Traveler

We Never Sleep

Sept 24, 2020 – Jan 10, 2021
Römerberg, 60311 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

From Mata Hari to James Bond, espionage has been synonymous with glamour. In the past, spies were chameleons, infiltrating enemy states on behalf of national governments. Today, given the abundance of information available on the internet—not to mention the data that is held on citizens—anyone can procure unauthorized and perhaps explosive information. Tracing the evolution of spies then and now, 40 international artists explore surveillance, paranoia, conspiracy, threat, and camouflage in an exhibition of 70 multimedia works. —E.C.

“We Never Sleep,” Exhibition Views, 2020 © Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt, 2020. Photo: Norbert Miguletz.

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