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Chafinity Gyokuro Midori, Organic Green Tea Loose Leaves


Shipped from Chafinity

Editor’s Notes:

Quality at its finest, Chafinity’s organic green tea loose leaves are shade-grown and cultivated in the heart of Kagoshima, Japan. Using the method of sun deprivation, enjoy the delicate and sweet taste of Midori, or green, tea.

About the Brand

Chafinity aspires to create exceptional experiences through the healing power of organic matcha. Grown on a small family farm, Chafinity prizes quality of excellence over mass production to provide customers with the freshest tea, harvested only once a year.

Size & Fit

50 grams of Organic Green Tea Loose Leaves


Plants go through a double-shading process before harvest to yield an abundance of chlorophyll and L-theanine. The leaves are then steamed to prevent oxidation and hand-rolled to break down cell walls. Finally, the stems, buds, and leaves are filtered out until the highest quality of gyokuro remains.

Instructions & Care

Usage instructions: pour hot water into tea cups until warmed. Scoop 8 grams of Gyokuro Midori into a steeping vessel. Pour hot water from teacups into tea vessel. Allow to steep for two minutes. Pour the tea, alternating between 2 cups for an even pour.

Care instructions: store tea tin inside the fridge for a longer shelf life. Keep tea in tin away from the light to preserve the chlorophyll content.

Shipping & Returns

Orders will be sent directly by the brand. Expect to receive a confirmation e-mail with tracking details as soon as your order has shipped. Thank you.

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