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Photo: Miguel Flores-Vianna (Sui)

My Favorite Things

Welcome to the wildly whimsical world of Anna Sui. Since staging her first runway show in 1991, the CFDA Award-winning New York designer—who was once dubbed “the darling of downtown fashion”—has continued to create visual feasts laced with fantasy and fun, not to mention a generous dose of purple and black. Below, Sui shines a light on her eclectic essentials, from a diamond-dotted zebra bracelet to heart-shaped luggage tags and beyond

Medusa’s Heirlooms


Flower Jaw Clip

“I love the hair accessories at Bigelow. My favorites are the Medusa’s Heirlooms Crystal Snap Clips. They come in many colors, but I wear the black ones.”

Kusmi Tea


Prince Vladimir 20 Muslin Tea Bags

“I love the taste and smell of this tea. I drink it every morning.”



Heart Personalization Tag

“I love these personalized tags from Smythson. They help you to spot your luggage—and you can have your initials printed on them.”



48 Hour Tin Cloth Duffle Bag

“Filson’s luggage bags are so chic and durable. This is the perfect carry-on for your travels.”



Now Generation 2 Starter Set

“I’m so happy there is a new Polaroid with the old-school format. Everyone looks great in a Polaroid. I love how it diffuses the skin tones.”

Yves Saint Laurent


1976 Laurent Cossack Collection Dress

“Saint Laurent peasant smock dresses are my favorite. I love the wool challis and beautiful ribbon trim. I have collected several versions.”



Antique Art Deco Chinese Rug Oval

“I’m obsessed with collecting these oval-shaped Chinese Deco rugs. Many of them were made by W.A.B. Nichols in Tientsin, China starting in 1924, which is why these rugs are often referred to as Nichols rugs.”

IFC Center

From $50


“We are so fortunate to have these repertory movie houses in New York City. I love seeing classics and new indie films here.”

Dries Van Noten


Blue Sequin Clutch

“I love shopping at Ssense, especially for its huge variety of Dries Van Noten. This blue sequined clutch adds glamor to any outfit.”



Cloth Sandals

“The ultimate sandals in signature Chanel tweed. This truly ups your game in the sandals department.”

David Webb


Platinum & 18K Yellow Gold Enamel Diamond Zebra Bracelet

“I love the animal bracelets by David Webb. I have a vintage zebra one.”

Manhattan Vintage

From $20.00

Manhattan Vintage Show

“One of my favorite vintage shows. There is always a great discovery, or you find something you have always wanted!”

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