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Photo: Christopher Michel (Prager)

My Favorite Things

Days after seeing a William Eggleston show at the Getty Museum in the early 2000s, Alex Prager, then 21, taught herself how to use a Nikon N90s. Two decades later, the celebrated Angeleno’s oeuvre—with its cinematic, Old Hollywood-inspired streak—encompasses photography, sculpture, and film, as seen in Lehmann Maupin’s New York exhibition Part Two: Run. Below, Prager shares her display-worthy items of choice



Geranium Hand and Body Lotion

“I’m not the kind of person who wears perfume much; my scents have to smell really natural as though the flower was seduced directly off the vine into the bottle. This smells just like that.”



The RS02 Sneaker

“These sneakers are my go-to. I wear them on set, sailing, gardening… They’re leather-free and breathable. I got the same pair for my husband, and he wears them nearly every day.”



Odor Removing Candle with Basil

“My friend got me this candle and loved it so much that she decided to keep it for herself. This was revealed to me one evening at her house and I commented on how much I liked the scent. I bought one for myself the next morning.”



The Slipper/Shoe from Friuli, Italy

“I have a pair I wear in the house and a pair I wear around town. They’re best when walking on cobblestones because they give you a little foot massage. Rimbaud used to wear these exact ones.”

Brooklyn Bicycle Co.


Nantucket Cisco Madaket Creel Basket

“I ride my bicycle most places and like to stop in little shops, so I have a basket on the front and back. The rattan ones are best because they look so charming and do the same thing as ugly metal ones.”

Brian Eno


A Year with Swollen Appendices

“My friend Daniel told me about a quote in this book that I loved so much that I bought the book. The whole book is full of wisdom and poetry of observation.”


From $12.00

No. 55 Mint Tea

And what’s a good book without a nice hot cup of tea? Mint is the best because it tastes delicious but also has the medicinal benefit of settling the stomach. I like to put honey and milk in mine when I’m feeling especially cozy.”

Alex Eagle


The 180 Bodysuit

“I love this bodysuit because it’s comfortable and makes me feel like Brigitte Bardot in the late 1950s.”



Luggage Tag in Walnut

“I always have a special luggage tag so I can spot my luggage easily from any baggage claim.”



The Kids Charley Smile Shirt

My son Francis loves this T-shirt.”

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