It’s not only because he’s six feet, five inches tall and very telegenic that Mory Sacko is the most prominent new face of French cuisine. First, there’s all the fuss about MoSuke, his Franco-African-Japanese restaurant in Paris that earned the 28-year-old chef his first Michelin star in January. Then there’s the Young Chef of the Year, which Michelin anointed him with this month. And on February 28, Sacko made his television debut as the host of Cuisine Ouverte (Open Kitchen), an excellent new series on France 3 that explores the country’s mythic terroirs, or unique and deliciously distinctive gastronomic conditions, through their chefs and produce.

Cuisine Ouverte is about discovering the gastronomic richness of our country and its regions, and viewing them in a new light,” explains the very tall, slender, dreadlocked Sacko, a native-born Frenchman whose parents emigrated from Mali.