“We love making magazines and hate being told what to include in them,” goes the thinking behind Inque, a large-format, print-only literary publication that will publish yearly for 10 years starting next fall. Doing away with advertising and an online presence altogether, the magazine is relying on a Kickstarter campaign to fund its issues, putting the focus entirely on a beautifully-designed product and the creativity of the writers, photographers, and illustrators within its pages. Already on board: Joyce Carol Oates, Tom Waits, Samuel L. Jackson, Kate Tempest, David Byrne, and Ben Lerner. Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie has been tasked with discovering young African writers, while Jonathan Lethem will write a novel over the magazine’s 10-issue run. Adam Moss, formerly the editor of New York magazine, is the latest-announced recruit. Ash Carter spoke with Dan Crowe, the magazine’s founder.

Ash Carter: How did you get into magazines in the first place?