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If Looks Could Kill

Draw the Line

Aha! Is there really such a thing as the perfect eyeliner? A quest turns up a few real winners

Kiss, Then Tell!

Liquid lipsticks can be too sticky, too matte, too drying, too moist, and too much like shrink-wrap. Ah, but there’s one that’s just right

The Getaway Scar

I never really believed in the transformative power of makeup—until my daughter proved me wrong

Seeing Rouge

Swipe it across your cheeks—just don’t stop there …

Best in Glow

More than 30 years ago, Touche Éclat ignited the highlighting trend and changed attitudes about makeup

Glossier Unglossed

What gave Glossier its cool? One former employee reveals the stardust surrounding its founder on the eve of the Glossy bomb(dot-com)shell

Missing the Marc

What ever happened to Marc Jacobs Beauty? The makeup line once loved by Emily Ratajkowski, Aubrey Plaza, and seemingly everyone on the Internet suddenly disappeared. Now maybe, just maybe, it’s coming back again …

Oh, Hi, Barbie!


Therapist, social-media manager, clairvoyant, cheerleader—it’s all part of the job for multi-tasking makeup artist Ash K. Holm

Blood on Your Hands!

Before 1994, manicures were prissy, prim, and proper. Then Chanel’s Vamp polish changed everything

Mouthing Off

My teenage daughter’s obsession with makeup drives me insane. And it’s all my fault