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Ivanka, Youvanka

Princess Diary

A typical day with Ivanka Trump—wife, mom, fashion icon … perfectly happy Florida exile … defendant … Let her show you how to have it all!
Ab Fabulist

My House Is a Very, Very Nice House (Where I Really Live)
At home with MAGA’s most intriguing new star

By   George Santos
Small Talk
Non-Woke Wellness

The Best You Is Yet to Come!

You’ve heard of hot yoga—now try LOUD yoga!
By   Kimberly Guilfoyle

America’s Wackiest Pastime Just Got Even Wackier!

Dear editor of MAGAzine:

I was filled with __________________ (SNOWFLAKY EMOTION) after reading your viciously anti-__________________ (CRAZY THING LIBS CARE ABOUT) publication.


Show a Little Sleeve This Spring!

Style for the MAGA man
By   Jim Jordan
Small Talk
Seriously, We Dare You

Ask Melania

Pearls of wisdom from the world’s kindest, most empathetic, and not at all checked-out advice columnist
OK, Finally—A Gold Thing

And the Winner Is …

Super-publicist and very good-looking man John Barron hosts the first annual and already very coveted Trumpy Awards. Sorry, Marjorie, the honorees aren’t who you’d think!
Edited By

Graydon Carter and Bruce Handy

Illustrations by

Ross MacDonald

Text by

Henry Alford Bruce Feirstein Bruce Handy Ted Heller David Kamp Nell Scovell