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A Cultural Compass
For the World Traveler

Seven Methods of Killing Kylie Jenner

July 15–27, 2021
Sloane Square, London SW1W 8AS, United Kingdom

Recently graduated from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, Jasmine Lee-Jones, 22, has written a debut play for our times. Sharp and insightful, the drama opens as Cleo (Leanne Henlon), the newly single protagonist, embarks on a Twitter tirade, questioning how Kylie Jenner, the daughter of prominent and affluent parents, can authentically claim to be “self-made.” Cleo’s tweets to Jenner spiral from innocent mockery to death threats; meanwhile, her best friend Kara (Tia Bannon) tries to soothe the situation. As with all good writing, the play is about much more than firing 280-word insults. What lingers is a well-constructed commentary on race and cultural appropriation. —B.A.

Photo: Myah Jeffers.

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