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Ice, Ice, Baby

Are your diamonds dim? Jerrod Blandino’s most definitely are not. But first, a little background: Blandino created Too Faced Cosmetics, sold it to Estée Lauder for a cool $1.45 billion, and left a minute ago to do his own thing. One such thing capitalizes on his commitment to shine, brightness, and over-the-topness. And if you doubt that, just get a look at the 33-carat, Cartier-diamond door-knocker ring on his left hand. Which I did. Once I’d regained consciousness, I learned about his new invention, a jewelry-cleaning kit called Diamond Drunk (after the feeling of being “light-headed, dizzy, woozy … in the presence of diamonds”). You fill the canister with an alcohol-and-ammonia-free cleanser that’s scented with one of four blends—citrus, rose, amber, and the like—and let them soak. “There are many things in life we like dirty, but jewelry isn’t one of them,” he says. Besides, “when they’re clean, diamonds look bigger.” Clearly. ($75, —Linda Wells


Turn Up the Volume

If the word “luscious” could never be used to describe your hair, join the club. My life is littered with volumizing sprays, mousses, gels, pomades, and their many shortcomings. Crunchy hair, sticky hair, stiff society-lady hair, Something About Mary hair. It’s hard to get excited about each new cocktail. And yet my anemic hair and I are legitimately pumped about Olaplex Volumizing Blow Dry Mist. It’s a clever blend of polymers and peptides that repairs hair bonds the way Olaplex does while also protecting it from damage. All that is lovely, but if your hair is wilted and lank, nothing matters but volume. And this delivers, with ingredients that perceptibly fatten up each strand. For these sweltering, droopy days, it also speeds blow-dry time and adds a veil of humidity resistance. The word “luscious” may be a stretch, but the results are respectably lush-ish. ($30, —Linda Wells


Ever Tried Acid?

I want my beloved dermatologist to relish maternity leave; I really do. But until Dr. Denning returns (please hurry), I will soldier on without her life-affirming chemical peels and rely on RéVive’s Masque de Brilliance. The triple-acid formulation (glycolic, salicylic, and lactic) is strong stuff—applied with a brush, it must be removed after 10 minutes, maximum. I tried it once a week for a month, and my skin looks remarkably smoother and more luminous. Even during a period of excessive rosé consumption (summer’s fault!). Masque de Brilliance does not replace the dermatologist’s armamentarium—one week after Dr. Denning’s chemical blast and the redness, peeling, and flaking subside, I look as close to fetal as humanly possible. But the mask is an effective way to prolong its effects from the comfort of one’s own bathroom. ($150, —Ashley Baker


Nice Slice!

The clothes weren’t my only excuse for avoiding golf. There are so many other reasons to loathe it (LIV, the P.G.A., Tiger Woods). But against all odds, I’ve gotten hooked. Now, thanks to a new collection called Honors, I also have something unembarrassing to wear in the sand trap. Founders Huntley Rodes, Amy Parker Anderson, and Jenna Walter teed up this performance-driven brand during the pandemic—Walter was a Division 1 college golfer, and Anderson and Rodes know a thing or two about brand-building from their years at Warby Parker. With friendly prices that max out at $295 for a blazer, there’s a lot to love, and even those who don’t know “fore” from foreplay will appreciate the pleated skirt, drop-shouldered pullover, and cropped travel pants. (from $95, —Ashley Baker


Good Goddess!

Assyrtiko, ouzo, saganaki, anything wrapped in phyllo dough—culinary indulgence is a hallmark of my Greek vacations. Now the Mandarin Oriental, Costa Navarino, which opens on August 15, offers new forms of pampering in the Peloponnese. For complete relaxation, there’s its beachfront location and straight-out-of-Homer landscaping (2,700 olive trees and half a million shrubs). But the real odyssey lies in its tricked-out spa. Anchored by an 82-foot indoor-outdoor pool with unforgettable views of the bay, it features an embarrassment of riches that includes three saunas, a cold plunge, and a foot bath; a handsome marble hammam will open in 2024. The massages, facials, and body treatments rely on the region’s native ingredients (olives, eucalyptus, and aromatic flowers). Don’t be surprised if you return home feeling like a dead ringer for Aphrodite. There are worse fates! (from $1,600 per night, —Ashley Baker


Lighter Fluid

Highlighters have been getting a little out of hand lately, strobing the face so thoroughly as to threaten temporary blindness. But Westman Atelier’s new Liquid Super Loaded is lightweight, tasteful, and notably subtle. A few drops on a fingertip are just enough to skim on the cheekbones, giving them a glimmer without a lot of shimmer. And while the formula is truly appealing, the package is especially irresistible. It looks like a cigarette lighter back when cigarette lighters were glamorous, the kind of thing John Robie might brandish at the Monaco casino. So put your highlighters up. ($58, —Linda Wells

Issue No. 6
August 4, 2023
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Issue No. 6
August 4, 2023