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The swimming pool.

Check In and Check Out

Hedonists have always felt at home at Claridge’s, with its overstuffed comforts, delicate pastries, and innovative cocktails. But the Claridge’s experience has a new dimension, thanks to its radically reimagined spa. Designed by interior architect André Fu, this bastion of wellness resembles a Japanese temple—if such a thing were located several stories underground in the epicenter of London. There’s a small swimming pool, surrounded by enclosed cabanas, along with treatment rooms that target every area of the face and body: facials from Augustinus Bader and FaceGym, aromatherapy massages using La-Eva products, manicures by Harriet Westmoreland, and a Josh Wood salon. There’s even an acupuncturist who specializes in fertility. The spa is no longer exclusive to hotel guests—anyone willing to book 90 minutes’ worth of treatments is welcome to while away the afternoon. And if you’d like to pop by the Fumoir for a martini on the way home, we’ll never judge. ( —Ashley Baker


Strait to the Point

For all his technical wizardry, Sir James Dyson has a remarkable amount of empathy for those preoccupied with the small annoyances in life: frizz, flatness, or lank straightness. His latest marvel, Dyson Airstrait, rescues anyone who’s missed too many pool parties and bodysurfing sessions for fear of messing up their hair. His machine dries soaking-wet hair quickly, then functions as an efficient flatiron to straighten it. It even lifts hair at the roots once you master the movements. If you can perform two half-hearted push-ups, you have all the arm strength needed to operate this machine (meaning no arm strength). The temperature is regulated to keep from overheating and causing damage, more frizz, and more despondency. It might single-handedly bring back the hot-girl summer or the cool-girl summer or whatever you want your summer to be. (, $499.99) —Linda Wells


Spray (Not) Tan

Spray tans are so 2008; spray sunscreens are so two-thousand-and-late. Dermatologists tend to look down on them because they don’t provide enough coverage and, when used on a windy day, tend to land more on the beach than on your body. Nevertheless, EltaMD, whose sunscreen products are the ones most loved by doctors, is offering a new spray, UV AOX Mist. It’s an S.P.F.-40 mineral formula that’s absolutely sheer. The air-powered spray works upside down and sideways, but to cover every last spot, you should hold the nozzle close to your skin and apply about twice as much as you think you need. Rub it in for good measure, being sure to pat yourself on the back in the process. ($45, —Linda Wells


That’s Hot!

With its minimalist ingredients, sleek design, and apothecary brown bottles, Maude is the Aēsop of sexual wellness. In shades of stone and sage, it’s vibrators and toys look like something out of the Calvin Klein Home collection circa 2001. Now Maude is applying its aesthetic to a warming lubricant called, simply, Heat. It’s water-based and contains aloe plus a crucial pinch of capsaicin, the chili-pepper extract that gets hotter with motion, if you know what I mean. It’s also pH-balanced to protect sensitive skin. Forget the A/C; it’s time to get hot and properly bothered. ($20, —Linda Wells


Thanks, Honey

Slathering honey on a thick slice of sourdough is always a good idea, but shellacking your face with the stuff is a more unconventional proposition. Then the Manuka Nutri-Mask from Seed to Skin Tuscany entered our lives. It’s the hero product in a small but mighty range from the skin scientists at Borgo Santo Pietro, one of our favorite Italian getaways. The mask’s objective is rehydration, and thanks to a formulation of 55 percent nutrient-rich manuka honey, along with vitamin C and hyaluronic and ferulic acids, it delivers admirably. In fact, even during a month that I spent largely on airplanes, my skin looks suspiciously post-facial, courtesy of twice-weekly, 20-minute applications. Yes, it’s a bit messy. But the results are sweet. ($124, —Ashley Baker


Take a Trip

We don’t usually get excited about a fragrance diffuser, maybe because there’s something a little “dentist’s waiting room” about them. But the Trudon Le Diffuser Reggio is an entirely different beast. First is the packaging: a deep-blue, fluted bottle with a regal gold seal and black reeds. Then there’s the fragrance, which is absolutely transporting. Imagine being perched in an orange tree in Sicily on a sunny day and inhaling. It tempers mandarin with a spritz of grapefruit, and the result is not the least bit sweet or cloying. You can offer it as a hostess gift when you’re vying for a return invitation, but you’ll be tempted to keep it for yourself. ($250, —Linda Wells

Issue No. 4
June 2, 2023
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Issue No. 4
June 2, 2023