We asked the most beauty-obsessed women we know to reveal their secret sources, because nothing’s better than well-informed word of mouth. Our experts: Nicole Berrie, founder and recipe developer for Bonberi, and author of Body Harmony: Nourishing, Plant-Based Recipes for Intuitive Eating; Amy Griffin, founder and managing partner of G9 Ventures, an early-stage investment firm that has backed brands including Goop, Hello Sunshine, Bumble, and Bobbie; Catherine Piercy, head of creative content for Westman Atelier, and former beauty director at vogue.com; Kate Young, a fashion stylist who works with Jennifer Lawrence, Michelle Williams, Selena Gomez, and Julianne Moore; Chloë Sevigny, actress, model, designer, creator of Little Flower perfume, and all-around New York It Girl; Tiffany Reid, a stylist, fashion director, and senior vice president of fashion at BDG; Linda Wells, Editor of Air Mail LOOK; Susan Fales-Hill, author and television producer; Christina Grasso, Social Media Director for Air Mail LOOK; and Sable Yong, host of the podcast Smell Ya Later, writer of the “Hard Feelings” newsletter, author of Die Hot with a Vengeance (to be published in 2024 by HarperCollins), and a Writer at Large for Air Mail LOOK.

Who Gives Good Cut?

Nicole Berrie

Jessica Gillin

Jenna Perry Hair
347 West Broadway

I’ve been seeing Jess for over a decade, and she is officially and unofficially the It Girl stylist. I recently caved and got curtain bangs, which if you’re going to do, don’t go to anyone else. —Nicole Berrie

Susan Fales Hill

Marisol Herrera

Text 917-721-0567

My hairdresser of 20 years, Marisol Herrera, does house calls for everything: keratin, color, cut, and the best blowout anywhere. She can work with any hair texture. She’s also brilliant with an updo for special occasions. —Susan Fales-Hill

Chloë Sevigny

Joey Silvestera

The Blackstones Collective
19 East seventh Street

Joey’s salon is near my brother’s apartment, and he started going there first. My brother recommended I meet Joey, and we instantly hit it off. —Chloë Sevigny

Sable Yong

Greg Cassese and Mike Martinez

Cutler Salon
465 West Broadway

Both rad dudes with a creative edge and perspective on hair. They embrace hair as a verb, not just a static image. Skilled in both civilian styles as well as edgier cuts, they’ve consistently given me the kinds of styles that look and feel better the more I live with them. —Sable Yong

Amy Griffin

David Von Cannon

E-mail Noelle@a-frameagency.com to book

Hands down the best haircut in New York—and I’m tempted to say anywhere‚ but I’m biased. He works with a certain supermodel who has amazing hair—her name starts with a G. And you get David’s Southern charm and smile for free. —Amy Griffin

Catherine Piercy

David Mallett

Salon David Mallett at the Webster
29 Greene Street

There is absolutely no one who cuts my short, textured bob like the brilliant David Mallett—easy layers that somehow miraculously fall into place without any styling. When I’m back home, I just wash, comb through, and air-dry. Basta! Bonus: David is the kindest and most elegant man, and I love passing an hour chatting with him. He’s a dashing James Bond type with a heart of gold. —Catherine Piercy

Linda Wells

Nunzio Saviano

Nunzio Saviano Salon
768 Madison Avenue

If you’re looking for beautiful layers, if you want your boring hair to be more interesting but not edgy interesting, Nunzio is your man. His blowouts are also impeccable, and produce exceptional volume that lasts for days. —Linda Wells

Kate Young

Jacob Rozenberg

100 West 23rd Street
Contact Michaella at 917-734-7075

Jacob, who started as Harry Josh’s assistant, is precise and obsessive. He’ll even examine my hair on Zoom and ask me to come back to re-do something if he doesn’t think it’s perfect. When my hair was really damaged, he found a way to blend in all the breakage until it grew back. We’ve been on a real journey together. —Kate Young

Miki Loiacono


Blowouts can go so wrong. Most stylists seem so dead set on straightening my already straight, fine, limp hair that they make it even more anemic. But Miki gave me one of the top five blowouts of my life, adding volume without poufiness and somehow instilling it with shine. He’s a classically trained expert cutter as well. —Linda Wells

Meet the Masters of Color …

Jehnna Foster

Contact jehnnafoster@gmail.com for an at-home visit

When salons were closed, I found Jehnna Foster on Instagram. She only comes to your home. She is a master at subtle, sun-kissed highlights, and she only uses plant-based dyes. My hair color has never looked prettier. —Nicole Berrie

Mark DeBolt

Mark Ryan Salon
135 West 20th Street, Suite 400

Serving up the brightest color with a side of zen, Mark is not only a talented colorist but calm, kind, and equally talented in the kitchen. —Amy Griffin

Kaylee Benetua

Salon David MalletT at The Webster
29 Greene Street

I’m a bit lazy about coloring my hair—it’s such a chore!—but when I must, I see any of the talented colorists at David Mallett. Kaylee is great and works with me on color that won’t oxidize and turn quickly—the eternal scourge of all dark brunettes! —Catherine Piercy

Mai Awano

Bumble and Bumble
415 West 13th Street

She’s excellent with complicated color correction for brunettes. I brought my 70-year-old mother to see her when a salon turned her hair a shade of coppery green. Mai spent about six hours bringing it back to a completely striking deep brunette. It was miraculous. —Catherine Piercy

Maggie Castellanos

Marie Robinson Salon
40 West 25th Street

Maggie is meticulous with my bleach. She knows exactly how to apply the double process and sets four different timers so my hair doesn’t break. She’s incredibly patient and never rushes. —Kate Young

Christina Grasso

Gregorio Ruggeri

Salon Ruggeri
502 West 27th Street

I’ve seen Greg for over five years. He has a one-chair salon and excellent taste, and completely understands my vision and how to achieve it (without sacrificing hair health). —Christina Grasso

Elizabeth Hiserodt

Cutler Salon
465 West Broadway

Elizabeth is a chemical wizard who has taken my hair every color of the rainbow over the past seven years, as well as several tricky tones of platinum. She’s the best person to trust with color because she has tons of experience, can troubleshoot any color plot twists, and is a joy to spend hours with as your head is marinating in peroxide in the salon. —Sable Yong


Maribeth Madron

Email booking@maribethmadron.com

I’ve seen Maribeth for 15 years, and if she’s not available, I wait for as long as it takes. She’s the stealth master of full, healthy, completely natural yet groomed brows. —Catherine Piercy

Azi Sacks

The Brow Studio
205 West 20th Street

On my first visit to Azi’s studio, I discovered I was doing everything wrong. Filling in my brow with a pencil? Wrong, because nearly all brow pencils contain wax, which pushes the hairs around, resulting in bare patches. Removing strays with wax? Wrong, because waxing is imprecise. Touching up with those little shavers? Very wrong, very risky. Azi believes in a natural-looking, fluffy shape, and even welcomes the occasional unibrow. She tinted my nearly invisible blonde hair, working in stages to achieve just the right color and coverage. Then she shaped them with tweezers, brushed them up, and told me not to touch them for four months. Good thing, because she’s booked for a year. —Linda Wells

Lara Kaiser

Carrie LindsEy Beauty
674 Fulton Street, Brooklyn

She invented the SlimThick brow, which is exactly what we all want right now. She is an artist! —Nicole Berrie

Clementina Richardson

Envious lashes

A few years ago, I became fascinated by a not-yet-trending treatment called “brow lamination.” At the time, Clementina, at Envious Lashes in Midtown, was the only person I could find who offered it. Since then, I’ve gone to a few other places, but my brows have never looked as good as when they were in the hands of Clementina. —Christina Grasso


Tiffany Reid

The Lash Gallery

551 fifTH AVEnue, SUITE 525

I’ve been getting eyelash extensions for years and this is the only place I’ve found that takes care of your natural lashes. When the lash extensions fall out, my natural lashes are still full (it’s so nice not to have bald eyelids). I also love The Lash Gallery because they hold a charity event each year giving women with cancer lash and eyebrow treatments.
—Tiffany Reid

Jas Imani


She specializes in keratin lash lifts and lash extensions. I have stubborn lashes, and she is the only one who can get them to lift beautifully and open up the eye. —Nicole Berrie

Nayoung Jeong

2 WEST 45TH STreet

I found Nayoung’s lash studio after exhaustive research for lash lifts, which are my consistent beauty indulgence every couple months. They’re so kind, skilled at what they do, and are one of the most reasonably priced lash places in Manhattan. It’s also a great spot for brow lamination, if you’re into that (which I am). —Sable Yong