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Bregenzerwald Body Oil

Striking Oil

Does the word Byredo make your heart beat faster? How about the name Susanne Kaufmann? No? Then listen closely. Byredo makes some of the coolest fragrances and scented candles on the planet. Susanne Kaufmann turns out the most indulgent skin and bath products, with sprigs of pine and rosemary packed inside. Now the two have joined forces on a pair of completely delectable oils. The new body oil is filled with antioxidant-rich ingredients from the Austrian Alps and smells like the verdant forest of my dreams. The roll-on fragrance oil has an earthy greenness that feels almost purifying. I know; I’m hyperventilating, too! They’re limited-edition, so don’t dillydally. ($100 for the body oil , $125 for the fragrance oil) —Linda Wells


Just Screw It

When I lived in a house with a water-filtration system, every day was a Pantene-ad day. And when I moved, my hair suffered the consequences. Until I installed the Jolie showerhead, which is as easy as screwing in a light bulb. It filters out chlorine and heavy metals, which dry the hair, strip its oils, coat the scalp, and make a shambles of my expensive colorist’s work. It comes in five colors (love the red) and needs a replacement filter every 90 days or so. Looking at the used filter and the accumulated gunk isn’t pretty. But my soft, glossy chignon sure is. (from $148, —Ashley Baker


Take a Chance

I once told someone I was wearing Chanel Chance, and she responded with a derisive “I believe you mean Chanel SHAWNse.” O.K., I’m a rube. Let’s just agree to pronounce the newest addition to the Chanel Chance lineup “Oh, fresh,” as in Eau Fraîche. As the name suggests, it’s a light, appealing scent that blends notes of jasmine, citrus, and teakwood, giving it an amber-like richness. It’s a little more sophisticated than the watery original, Chance Eau Fraîche, which came out in 2007. And a few spritzes are enough to leave a scented trail in your wake. It’s an effervescent energizer, a shot of happiness, no matter how you say it. (from $135, Wells


Cutting edge

If you’ve ever wanted to make your trip to Erewhon even more virtuous, consider wearing Kilogear, workout clothes with carefully placed slots that hold thin, flat weights. The scientists behind Kilogear figured out the best way to distribute the weights so they safely and measurably increase the caloric burn and muscle work of any activity. All that is fine, but now the gear is actually attractive. In a new collaboration with trainer Isaac Boots, of the Torch’d by Isaac workout, the mostly black pieces have wide white stripes down the sides of the leg and torso, giving them a graphic crispness. The particular Kilogear knit holds in the stomach and lifts the butt immediately, thank you very kindly. Bring on the tedious errands! Wave to the paparazzi! (from $70, —Linda Wells


Silver Lining

Refillable makeup and skin-care packaging has been slow to catch on. But the people at Augustinus Bader believe that by appealing more to the eye than to the conscience, they can pump a little sex appeal into the process. Their limited-edition reusable packages are the result of a collaboration between fashion designer Haider Ackermann and the brand’s C.E.O., Charles Rosier, cooked up after the two first met, at a birthday party in Marrakech. The alliance was natural, according to Ackermann, who tells me fashion and skin care have a “common thread” in “the search for beauty.” Each of the silver bottles has a mirror-like surface and is signed in cobalt blue by Ackermann. “To re-fill something … it makes the object even more intimate. It becomes part of your daily life. And because it’s silver, it’s getting scratched,” Ackermann says. He compares the result to wrinkles on the face. Perhaps those marred bottles are a Dorian Gray–like portrait: as your skin looks less wrinkled, your bottles look more so. Rosier says, “It really motivates people.” ($565 for a 50-ml. bottle and a 50-ml. refill, —Clara Molot



Leave it to a beauty aficionado to make a visually stunning film. Unknown Beauty: François Nars, a documentary about the renowned makeup artist, directed by Lisa Immordino Vreeland, is a love letter to all the cinematic beauties who inspired him: Dietrich, Deneuve, Romy Schneider, and Charlotte Rampling (who narrates the film), to name a few. But the greatest beauty in the film may be Nars’s French mother, Claudette, his original muse. Images of her laughing on the beach in Biarritz, and later wearing Nars’s creations, lovingly illustrate her son’s preoccupation. Nars’s home movies from 90s New York, of Linda, Christy, and Naomi goofing around behind the scenes, are the icing on a stunning cake. (from $3.99, —Linda Wells

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October 6, 2023
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Issue No. 8
October 6, 2023