The naked image of the human body has often caused big trouble. Maybe that’s its point.

The first full-sized image of the female nude in the West was created in marble in the early 4th century BC. It was not universally welcomed. The Greek sculptor Praxiteles produced a naked statue of the goddess Aphrodite (the goddess of “love”, or of “sex”, depending on how coy you want to be). The first client to whom he offered it said a firm “no, thank you”. The next client on the list, the city of Knidos (on the coast of what is now Turkey), said yes. It was a big risk, and the people of Knidos were probably hesitant, but they got a statue that became their big tourist attraction for centuries, the Mona Lisa of the Greco-Roman world. They put it on their coins and it became the staple of their souvenir trade. Yet it always had an edge.