Milan Design Week is the design world’s Art Basel, Met Gala, and Dancing with the Stars rolled into one. Traditionally held in April, it’s a weeklong marathon of exhibitions, cocktail parties, installations, palazzo dinners, and the mammoth Salone del Mobile trade fair, where every brand and designer of consequence struts their latest furnishings.

After the event was canceled in 2020 and again in 2021, observers were beginning to think of the industry as peddlers of—shudder the thought—mere stuff. In a move that surprised anyone who knows how seriously the Italians take their August holidays, the powers that be planned a delayed celebration, which took place this past week. It was centered around a reimagined (and much smaller) Salone del Mobile fair christened Supersalone, where companies put up small but immaculately executed dioramas in lieu of their usual multi-million-dollar booths.