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A Cultural Compass
For the World Traveler

Graham Lambkin: Time Runs Through the Darkest Hour

Aug 27 – Sept 12, 2020
468 Grand Ave #3D, New York, NY 11238, United States

Macabre and twisted men are metaphors for the planet’s collapsing ecosystems in Graham Lambkin’s art. He rubs stones and nails on paper with oil, and then weaves biomorphic figures into the distressed planes. Featureless faces and humanoid hybrids bob up out of flames and flowers, a lonely leg floats above the chaos. Scrolling through the pieces in this online exhibition, one gets the disturbing impression that the wreckage is a vision of things to come. —E.C.

Graham Lambkin, “A Just Tide,” 2019. Courtesy of Blank Forms, New York.

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