Some time in 2020, Paris Hilton published a video on YouTube of herself making lasagna. It was chaos, it was compulsively watchable, and it was funny. (I still say, “Sorry, Barilla,” out loud every time I open a box of pasta.) Like so many of our modern-content origin stories, the video went viral, a major streaming platform bought it, and now, weighing in at six episodes of around 25 minutes each, Netflix is pleased to announce the arrival of Cooking with Paris. (Both Netflix and Paris are doing well, thank you.)

Some could define the word “cooking” as “preparing (food) for eating especially by using heat,” and I can say after watching her use heat to prepare food for eating that Paris is definitely cooking. But I’m not here to critique this as a serious cooking show, because it’s not. Cooking with Paris is, undeniably, “not about the pasta.”