A couple of years ago, Mads Mikkelsen and the director Thomas Vinterberg were sitting together in a living room in their native Denmark watching a YouTube video that Vinterberg had found. It was called “Two Men and a Lock” and showed two men drunkenly trying to lock up a bicycle. Fodder for an easy laugh, it actually became Vinterberg’s pitch to Mikkelsen for a new film. (The pair, who are close friends, first worked together in 2012’s critically acclaimed The Hunt.)

Another Round, available for streaming on Amazon, follows a group of sapless middle-aged high-school teachers “who are in different places in their lives, but they come to a standstill, all of them in one way or another,” says Mikkelson, 55. That’s until they discover the work of the Norwegian psychiatrist Finn Skårderud, who believes humans are born with a blood-alcohol content that’s 0.05 percent too low. (Skårderud and his research are real.) The friends decide to put the theory to the test, slurping straight vodka in school bathrooms and hiding flasks in supply cupboards.