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A Cultural Compass
For the World Traveler

Cocktail Hour: The Show

“Champagne,” from Cocktail Hour: The Show.

September 23, 2023
3300 West Scenic Drive, North Little Rock, AR, 72118

The effervescent Ballets with a Twist was founded in 1996 by Marilyn Klaus. The troupe is known for Cocktail Hour: The Show, a series of ballets based on classic drinks: Gimlet, Boilermaker, Martini, and more. It’s a clever take on the intoxicating effects of live performance, especially in the medium of classical dance. Now on tour with the show, the company’s first stop is at the ACANSA Arts Festival. Then it’s on to the Imperial Theatre, in Augusta, GA, on October 28, and the Knauer Performing Arts Center, in West Chester, PA, on December 29. Check the company Web site for more information. —Laura Jacobs

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