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Load Us Up

Rucking—basically, walking with a weighted backpack—is my new favorite form of exercise, giving me a low-impact cardio workout while also strengthening my legs and back. But you won’t catch me meandering around London, where I live, with a bulging Osprey. I have some sense of pride. That’s why GoRuck is so welcome. Its stylishly minimal packs hold compact plates ranging from 10 to 30 pounds. Because there is no camping in my future, I’m partial to the streamlined plate carrier, which can fit under a jacket and stays put even while I chase after my dog. It’s about the same price as three Barry’s classes, and the cardio workout is nearly as effective—yet without the red lights and screaming instructors. ($115, —Ashley Baker


Sunny Delight

Sometimes you spritz yourself with a dark, moody perfume and slip out for a late dinner in a velvet banquette. And sometimes you’re meeting friends for brunch and prefer something bright, a little effervescent. The new Tutti Twilly d’Hermès is the cheerful daylight of fragrance, the pink macaron of fragrance, the champagne cocktail of fragrance. It’s crisp, slightly sweet—but not sticky, tutti-frutti sweet—and completely charming. Christine Nagel, the master Hermès perfumer, mixed ginger root, ginger flowers, and lychee with a little musk to keep the concoction from being as airy as cotton candy. It actually dries down to a spicier, gutsier scent. It’s a mood lifter and an eye-opener, a bottle of sunshine wrapped with a bow. ($120 for 50 ml., —Linda Wells



One thing I took to heart in my 12 days as a Girl Scout was: Be prepared. I tend to carry everything, for any scenario, in my bag at all times. Sewing kits, hairpins, memory cards, chargers, Band-Aids, ibuprofen, sunscreen, Cholula packets, stevia, matches—you name it, I’ve got it. However, I could definitely stand to be more organized, especially while traveling. (Is that a half-spilled bottle of toner in my carry-on?) Enter Cadence and their refillable, T.S.A.-compliant containers made from recycled ocean-bound plastic. The capsules are 100 percent leakproof and a perfect solution for storing everything from shampoo to jewelry to vitamins to edible glitter. And the best part? They’re magnetic, so there will be no more stray bottles or cases swimming around in my travel tote. ($134 for seven, —Christina Grasso

Hotel Gardena Grödnerhof

Wheels Up!

The most discerning travelers know that Europe is best experienced in temperate, less crowded autumn. Gardena Grödnerhof Gourmet Hotel & Spa, an idyllic five-star resort in the heart of the Dolomites, tempts us with one more reason to dust off our passports. The hotel’s team introduced a new e-bike program, organizing journeys for riders of all ability levels throughout the mountainous Val Gardena region. After breaking a sweat, return to the three-story spa, where mud baths, Finnish saunas, outdoor whirlpools, moisturizing facials, and deep-tissue massages (among many other offerings) await. End a perfect day with lamb consommé with barley and vegetables at the Michelin-starred restaurant Anna Stuben. And don’t hesitate to invite us along. (from $350 per night, —Ashley Baker

Polite Society G.L.O.A.T. mascara

Magic Wand

From the man who brought us Better than Sex mascara comes a new makeup line with another winning formula. The man is Jerrod Blandino, the new company is Polite Society, and the new mascara is G.L.O.A.T., as in Greatest Lashes of All Time. Maybe that’s hyperbolic, but the mascara is a high-performance marvel. It creates thick, long, glossy lashes without clumps or glop or heaviness. “There are a couple of things I know how to do really, really well, and one of those is mascara,” Blandino tells me. Let him gloat! ($27, —Linda Wells


Grow, Baby, Grow

I knew it was a bad idea at the time. And yet I still got an emergency brow shaping at a European Wax Center, and six weeks later I’ve only partially recovered. The re-growth comes courtesy of good, old-fashioned nature, time, and an assist from daily applications of GrandeBROW Brow Enhancing Serum. Its formula includes amino acids, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin E, and working in concert, they condition the hairs, nourish the brow follicles, and, presumably, foster growth. I’m no Brooke Shields yet, but at least my brows don’t look like they’ve wandered out of Seventeen magazine, circa 1994. ($73, —Ashley Baker

Issue No. 7
September 1, 2023
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Issue No. 7
September 1, 2023