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Psilocybin for All!

GoldenEye is spectacular, but if you want to see Jamaica (and your entire life) in a different light, there’s MycoMeditations. Tucked into villas by the white sands of Billy’s Bay, the resort offers six-day magic-mushroom retreats in what might resemble Nicole Kidman’s Tranquillum House in Nine Perfect Strangers. Here, psilocybin is legal, and there are no shamans or woo-woo weirdness. Amenities include marble bathrooms, body-centering massages, and the nearby Rasta Wellness Centre for Reiki, yoga, or colonics. The founders claim that “91 percent of our retreat guests consider their experience with us ‘positively life-changing.’” Something we’ve also discovered at GoldenEye, without the hallucinogens. (Starting at $5,500; —Clara Molot

Pauly Solo

Beverly Hills Boot Camp

If you have the urge to work out next to Addison Rae or Forma Pilates founder Liana Levi (and why wouldn’t you?), you’re going to have to wrangle an invitation to the Beverly Hills boot camp run by Pauly Solo. Solo calls his group of followers the “Insane Asylum”—think Barry’s on steroids—and runs his classes like a drill sergeant, relying on tactics of harassment and berating. Solo sleeps only two to four hours each night, posting videos on Instagram of his three a.m. runs with questionable captions such as “Even a meth addict has more discipline than many of you.” For those tempted to ship their teenager off to military school, Solo may be the answer. He’ll tackle the job, if they can score an invitation. ( —Clara Molot


You Dew You

For those chugging along on their no-makeup makeup journey, Saie offers a game-changing new product, the Glowy Super Skin Foundation. And they really mean “super skin.” The formula includes a variety of hydrators—hyaluronic acids, rice-bran peptides, squalene, and glycerin—to make the product feel and behave more like serum than makeup. It goes on nicely with your fingers or a sponge, but Saie’s Base Brush makes the process zippy and the result appealingly sheer. You’ll look fresh, easygoing, well rested, and not at all as if you’re wearing a full beat of foundation (even though you are). ($40, —Clara Molot


Grow, Baby, Grow

After witnessing the wonders of Olaplex on heat-damaged and over-bleached hair, it’s hard not to crave that kind of growth potential elsewhere. Now the brand has moved its goodness to an area beyond the scalp with an eyelash serum that uses the same bond-building formula to help increase lash strength and lushness. Featuring a blend of peptides, hyaluronic acid, and biotin, the product promises longer and fuller lashes in as little as a month. While some eyelash serums irritate my eyelids, this one has been smooth sailing, with no redness. Three weeks in and my lashes look more robust, if not quite Megan Thee Stallion. Go crazy and swipe the skinny brush on twice a day for speedier results. ($68, —Clara Molot


Cartier’s New Jewel

Who can resist something known as “black gold”? Oud, which comes from the resinous agar tree and is prized in the Middle East, is smoky, intense, wildly expensive, and also somewhat polarizing. That didn’t stop Cartier from exploring the territory with its new Oud Vanillé Les Heures Voyageuses. The scent tempers the incense-like force of oud with vanillin, creating a pleasant, rounding sweetness. It’s a rich concoction that feels like an exotic adventure right there on your pulse points. It’s also highly addictive. ($355, —Clara Molot

Mojave Desert Skin Shield Organic Detoxifying Pulling Oil.

Morning Breath, Banished

Patricia Vernhes is the kind of woman who never seems to suffer from breakouts, hyper-pigmentation, or even run-of-the-mill puffiness. No wonder her newish skin-care line, Mojave Desert Skin Shield, is such a success. And even though I can’t verify this, she’s also the type who doesn’t suffer from foul breath. Now, after using her Organic Detoxifying Pulling Oil, I know why. Unlike many pulling oils, this coconut, avocado, apricot-kernel, and sesame-oil blend is downright pleasant to use. (Taste-wise, the notes are clove, peppermint, and grapefruit.) The only person who enjoyed the effects of a five-minute swish right before bed more than moi was my grateful husband. The next morning, for the first time since the dawn of time, I woke up positively kissable. The fact that my teeth also looked a touch whiter and brighter was yet another pleasant surprise. ($52, —Ashley Baker

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April 7, 2023
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Issue No. 2
April 7, 2023