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Mission Yoga

Flexible Space

Does 15,000 square feet seem like enough space for a yoga class? Well, in fairness, Mission will offer a bit more than that. Located in London in a four-story Victorian warehouse, its five studios will offer both yoga and movement classes that include hot yoga, Pilates, Mysore-style Ashtanga, capoeira, and even mobility-and-strength training. Those looking for a more restorative experience can make use of its treatment rooms, sauna, and restaurant, called Maene. And there will also be a bar and rooftop terrace operated by Nick Gilkinson, the gentleman behind the Whitechapel Gallery’s popular Townsend restaurant. In short: something for everyone. ( —Ashley Baker


A Spritz, Please

At just $38 each, Boy Smells candles (especially the Cedar Stack and Hinoki Fantôme scents) have proved indispensable for personal use and gift-giving purposes alike. Next week, the all-gender brand launches a collection of room sprays, which, without the assistance of fire, infuse a room with the Boy Smell’s six scents we know and love. Bonus points for the highly displayable glass bottles. ($38, —Ashley Baker

MAC Lash Dry Shampoo Mascara Refresher

Lash Shampoo?

For some people, a single application of mascara can last throughout an entire day. Lucky them! The rest of us end up looking smudged and exhausted by cocktail hour. Now, MAC has introduced a “refresher” in the form of its new Lash Dry Shampoo. This gunk-resistant formula freshens, fluffs, combs, and detangles, all without tugging at or damaging delicate lashes. Stash a tube in your purse, pocket, and desk drawer and consider this once messy business handled. ($24, —Ashley Baker

The Penthouse Lake View at Beau Rivage in Geneva

Sleep on It

As tempted as we are to let World Sleep Day, on March 17, pass without so much as a yawn, we’ve decided to go to Geneva. The Beau-Rivage, a European grande dame hotel if there ever was one, is now offering a two-night “sleep checkup” stay. Masterminded by the doctors from the city’s storied Health and Prevention Center, there’s a full physical and plenty of polysomnography involved, but also dinner from Michelin-starred chef Dominique Gauthier. You’ll leave well fed and completely aware of what’s keeping you up at night, with some new protocols to enhance your slumber. ( —Ashley Baker

Izipizi Sleeping Glasses #D Light Tortoise

Night Shades

If you can’t travel to Geneva for the weekend, consider dreaming about it. An optical scientist from Switzerland created eyeglasses with a particular shade of orange lenses that prevent light from disrupting circadian rhythms. They actually encourage the production of melatonin. Izipizi makes the Sleeping Glasses in four styles and suggests wearing them for two hours before bedtime. Their research found that people who wore them fell asleep faster and stayed asleep longer. Bonne nuit! ($50, —Linda Wells

Alo Uplifting Yoga Block in Jungle

Alo, Are You There?

Why is everyone—and by “everyone” we mean Hailey Bieber, Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, Stassie Baby, and Michelle Salas—posting photos from similar yet mysterious all-black workout spaces? It turns out, Alo Yoga has secret gyms in their New York and L.A. stores. But don’t try sauntering in and lacing up your Hokas quite yet, because the sessions are invitation-only. Originally intended for employees, the training is now apparently being offered to people with a sizable social-media following and a willingness to tag the brand. One attendee at the SoHo location told us, “It’s fun and sometimes they give us new workout sets, but it’s not the best workout. It’s more of an Instagrammy workout.” Sounds about right. ( —Clara Molot

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March 3, 2023
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Issue No. 1
March 3, 2023