Ladies! If you saw me at the last State of the Disunion—and who didn’t?—you know that just as there’s more to Hillary Clinton’s pantsuits than meets the eye (hint: concealed cargo pockets for infant-blood bags), there’s a lot more to “business casual” than just the usual Ann Taylor separates.

Don’t settle for matchy-matchy when you could be using your closet to alert fellow patriots to the elites’ plans to destroy America!

That Chinese-spy-balloon outfit I wore to heckle Biden’s annual lie-fest was just the tip of the iceberg (like the one created by the Rothschilds to sink the Titanic). Why just engage the public with the latest fad when you can engage—and enrage—with the latest fad-aclysm?

Now, everyone has their own sense of catastro style (as witnessed by Kyrsten Sinema’s smokin’-hot riff on the Hindenburg disaster). Above are a few favorites that I have personally rocked on Capitol Hill while crusading for Real Americans against Nancy Pelosi and her Gazpacho Police. (And, yes, I mean the soup, which, like the Democratic Party, is cold, foreign, and gives me gas.)

Case in point: my chic outfit inspired by the East Palestine Train Explosion, a terrible tragedy caused by unnecessary coronavirus shutdowns and Biden being distracted by pointless Ukrainian resistance to Russia (the only border those dizzy Dems really care about).

This snazzy number will turn more heads than a Satanic sex cabal in the basement of a pizzeria, and not just because of the mauve crop top, which represents the plume of poison gas being used to kill all the honest, working-class Americans who woke-happy liberals have completely forgotten about. (And if you’re not convinced those adrenochrome-addicted pedophiles want us all dead, then you probably don’t believe Ruth Bader Ginsburg was replaced by a body double in 2005.) The broken train tracks, HO scale, double as hair-claw clips. Sassy!

Then there’s my casual January 6 Tourist look. It’s something I like to throw on whenever child-mutilating Democrats pretend that the “riot” was anything more than an exuberant celebration of democracy. Granted, the Viking headdress and stun gun are not standard tourist accessories, but they could be. All white tourists don’t look the same, racists! And if you don’t understand that, you probably don’t believe that 9/11 was an inside job, that monkey pox is sexually transmitted, OR that Walmart is grooming children by putting vibrators near the toy section, and I can’t even talk to you.

Need something flame retardant? Check out my classic dress paying homage to the tragic California Wildfires of 2018. I know what you’re saying: Marj, that is so five years ago. Yes, but I’m determined to make this hot look an evergreen trend-gedy! The contoured sleeves are designed so that when I raise my arms to receive applause at a fundraiser, you can see the Jewish lasers firing down from space.

Though, I have to admit: It wasn’t all Hasidic heat to blame for that particular disaster. As Undefeated President Trump pointed out, those wacko liberal Californians couldn’t be bothered (because they’re always high on marijuana?) to rake their yards—represented here by those crispy leaves along the hemline. “Global warming?” Don’t even bring it up! If you swallow that bullarkey, I’ve got some of that fake beef Bill Gates grew in a peach-tree dish to feed you. Yuck!

My very latest look is a stunning ensemble for a National Divorce: one elegant side red, one distressed side blue, and a plunging neckline down the middle. Not for everyone—but, then, neither is this country!

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene represents Georgia’s 14th district, and also serves as keeper of the House Republican Caucus’s Burn Book