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Lost and Found

Anorexia seemed to come out of nowhere—and was determined to steal decades of my life

The Biggest Losers

Dieting brought my mother and me closer together. But my daughter and I will bond over ice cream

Woman, Interrupted

After surviving breast cancer, is it time to disavow cigarettes, martinis, and croissants forever?

God Among Men

Want to live like a longevity expert? Andrew Huberman has a plan: cold plunges, hot saunas, light exposure, coffee regulation, and a whole lot of dedication

What’s Up, Doc?

If up to 10 percent of women have polycystic-ovary syndrome, why is it taking patients years to get diagnosed?

Gwyneth’s Body-Double Trouble

Paltrow’s stand-in for Shallow Hal, Ivy Snitzer, reveals what happened—22 years after the film’s release

Designer Drugs

A fashion designer who got his start with Oscar de la Renta is adding high style to his marijuana dispensary, and it’s attracting an unlikely clientele