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Ask Victoria

Mediterranean Piscine

The aquatically inclined photographer Jonathan Becker reveals his favorite swimming spots

La Dolce Como

For Remo Ruffini, the globe-trotting C.E.O. of Moncler, there’s no place like home

Ask Richard

The Less Crowded Capri

A new hotel on Ischia, the island where Italians go to get away from us all

Dream House

A writer’s idyllic retreat in Greece

Design for Living

Givenchy’s perfect pied-à-terre in Venice

Ask Victoria

Ask Richard

Give Peace a Chance

Ideally at Trasierra, a romantic hideaway in the Andalusian hills

Petra or Bust

A four-day, 33-mile hike through the Jordan Trail

Wish You Were Here

Colby Mugrabi packs for Madrid

Moskito Coast

The billionaires’ island that’s making Mustique look like the Jersey Shore

Ask Victoria

Ask Richard

The Chef’s Guide to Puglia

The very best places to eat, drink, and skinny-dip in this magical stretch of Italy

Ask Richard

Divas in the Desert

Oman is focusing on high-end tourism, but it doesn’t want to be the Cancun of the Middle East—as the Royal Opera House Muscat proves

Top of the Lake

A modern masterpiece perched above Lake Como

Ask Victoria

Ask Victoria

Downton Abbey Is Open for Business

Verified super-fans can book a room in Fellowes-land for a mere $160 a night. But just for one night

Ask Richard

Sumptuous Maximalism

There are few better places to enjoy Rome’s beauty than from a sun lounger on one of Hotel de la Ville’s enormous private terraces