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Spike Carter

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Sonic Tonics

Lose (or find) yourself in tracks from Aphex Twin, John Coltrane, an Environments album, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and more

Smut and Vinegar

One company’s mission to restore vintage pornography and rare genre films gives new meaning to the word “artisan”

Disco’s Dad

Groove yourself back to a more carefree time with Giorgio Moroder–produced tracks by Blondie, Donna Summer, Daft Punk, and more

The Grip of the Grape

Once upon a Time …, Cont’d.

She’s Got Killer Style

Jack Nicholson wore her jacket in The Shining. But British designer Margaret Howell also has a softer side

The Real Pulp Fiction

Hard Case Crime reissues the best in hard-boiled crime novels—and has turned Stephen King into a contributor

Celluloid City

Movie City

Songs from films set in Gotham, from the Ronettes, Harry Nilsson, the Bee Gees, Public Enemy, and more

A New Gold Mine for Movie-Lovers

Fun City Editions gives fans access to long-out-of-circulation treasures

Spin the Bottle

Music is like wine: the more there is to go around, the better. Herewith, songs from long-playing records for long-lasting summer days, from Gene McDaniels, the O’Jays, Prince, and more

Before January 6, There Was Seven Days in May

J.F.K. was haunted by the book that outlined how a right-wing coup could happen in America. The movie still rivets audiences

London’s Oasis of High Style (for Hammers and Watering Cans)

Is it a home-goods store or a museum of beautiful design? Labour and Wait is both



The Filmmaker-to-Critic Road Map

King Cobbler

Handcrafted boots, derbies—and sneakers!—from England’s shoemaking capital

Half-Pint Upstart

There are micro-breweries, there are nano-breweries, and then there is Macintosh Ales

In the Pink

It’s harvested by candlelight, flown across oceans, and sought by the world’s greatest chefs. Can we really mean rhubarb?