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Just Glow with It

Only partly French and certainly not a sunscreen, Bain de Soleil nevertheless brought a whiff of St. Tropez to the masses

Naked Ambition

Barbara Sturm is the jet-setting name behind one of the biggest skin-care success stories in recent history. But the road to the top has not always been smooth

The Filler of the Future

American women are flocking to Europe for a first stab at Profhilo, a new moisture-rich injectable that some believe may become as big as Botox

Sun Burned

Sex, drugs, and the light of day—there’s a new form of rebellion in town

Where’s Spot?


That’s Rich

What would Succession’s billionaires stock in their bathrooms? We let our imagination run wild

Do You Believe in Miracles?

There’s a new skin-care technology in town, and it may change how we treat wounds, heart attacks, and even cancer

Thanks, Honey


Spray (Not) Tan


The Secret Lives of Tanorexics

One drop of rain and they’re off to the sun. What drives these bronze obsessives? And why won’t they ever learn?

Forever Young

Face-lift maestro Dr. Gerald Imber has been preaching the gospel of early intervention for decades. Now, thanks to TikTok, twentysomethings are actually listening

Coming Clean

People told her she was dirty. After years of frustration, Scarlett Johansson tackled the problem head-on—and now watch her glow

Smells Like Teen Spirit …


Champagne Wishes and Caviar Creams

The ingredients are mysterious. The benefits can be elusive. But the newest skin-care products are determined to prove their worth

Ever Tried Acid?