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D.S. & Durga

Roadtrip Hits Auto Fragrance Set


Shipped from D.S. & Durga

Editor’s Notes:

Keep your car (or closet) freshly scented with this set of five fragrance cards, which offer a steady release of D.S. & Durga’s signature, singular blends.

About the Brand

Founded in 2007 by self-taught perfumer David Moltz and his wife Kavi, a former architect, D.S. & Durga is known for its singular scents, which are woven together from rich olfactory narratives and hand-made in Brooklyn, New York.

Size & Fit

Set includes 5 auto fragrances:

  • Wild Brooklyn Lavender: Brooklyn flowering in the early aughts
  • ‘85 Diesel: Saffron tanned leather, diesel fumes
  • Big Sur After Rain: Coastal eucalyptus groves
  • Concrete After Lightning: August storms in the city
  • Portable Fireplace: Smoky woods in the hearth
  • Wild Brooklyn Lavender scent notes: (top notes) spike lavender, wayside herbs (heart notes) vetiver grass, lavender flowers (base notes) suede, asphalt
  • ‘85 Diesel scent notes: (top notes) saffron leather, suede, vinyl (heart notes) white violet, hiba, castoreum (base notes) disel smoke, earth dirt, galbanum resin
  • Big Sur After Rain scent notes: (top notes) coastal rain, eucalyptus shoot (heart notes) magnolia, pacific spray (base notes) eucalyptus leaf, wet wood
  • Concrete After Lightning scent notes: (top notes) electricity, panic grass (heart notes) summer rain, ozone (base notes) concrete, steam
  • Portable Fireplace scent notes: (top notes) dwarf pine wood, atlas cedar (heart notes) smoke, oak ash, cedar (base notes) birch, birch tar, copaiba resin
Shipping & Returns

Orders will be sent directly by the brand. Expect to receive a confirmation e-mail with tracking details as soon as your order has shipped. Thank you.

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