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Fire Sale

A candle that smells like a fire—how meta! Also, how cozy and convenient! If you have a working fireplace that’s chimney-sweep clean, you still have to build, light, and stoke the fire, and make sure embers don’t fly into your living room. Oh, wait, did you remember to open the flue? It’s exhausting, especially when you can just light a candle. These are exotic blends of romantic, calming woods. In fact, phytoncides—essential oils found in pine, cedar, and oak—have been found to reduce blood pressure and cortisol, according to a Japanese study. The Buly Sumi Hinoki candle, derived from a Japanese cypress tree, evokes “flame-charred temples lacquered black with smoke.” Sounds dangerous and poetic! Please meet my favorite fireplace candles.



Feu de Bois

Close your eyes and inhale—the wood-fire scent is so convincing, you can practically hear it crackle. My favorite version of this classic candle comes in a gray ceramic vessel and has five wicks, but the three-wick one works just as well.

D.S. & Durga


Portable Fireplace

This scent was invented in a Bushwick apartment but smells like the great outdoors. It’s a particular blend of cedar, pine, and oakwood—with birch for a smoky, ashy quality.

Le Labo


Santal 26

A hotel in New York burns this candle in the lobby, and now I associate Le Labo’s sandalwood scent with red velvet, Kanye West (I saw him at the bar one night), and the right amount of trouble.




This is forest bathing without all the trouble of finding a forest. Its most prominent scent is cedarwood, which emits stress-reducing essential oils.




Oud, from the resin of agarwood, and frankincense make this candle smell like an exotic campfire, perhaps in the desert with three wise men strolling by.

Maison Margiela


Replica: By the Fireplace

Burning woods, clove oil, and chestnut notes mingle together to make a nostalgic scent that reminds me of New York at the holidays.



Sumi Hinoki

This handsome creature has a marble base, a glass bell top, and the scent of smoky cedar and hinoki, a cypress tree native to Japan.



Scented Matches

Have you ever coveted a box of matches? Me either, until I saw these long matches in an illustrated box. They’re scented! My favorite is the Abd El Kader, which smells like Moroccan mint tea.

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