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Better than Sex Faux Mink Lashes

The vegan, synthetic mink lashes are deliberately imperfect to look intentionally real. They sit on a foam strip that hugs the lashline.




Ten different styles, from subtle (the Cate, favored by Cate Blanchett) to flamboyant (the layered Noor). Some of the lashes mix black and brown hairs for believability.



The Lash Tool

It looks like a cross between a tweezer and an eyelash curler and makes eyelash application somewhat easy. “You can hold the tool without contorting,” says Jenna Lyons.



Brush-On Adhesive

The glue most makeup artists use. Brush it onto the lash strip and wait about 10 seconds before sticking the strip onto the eyelid.



Lash Enhancing Serum

One of the top-selling lash serums and surprisingly effective at making lashes seem longer. Are they actually longer? Many users, including me, say absolutely.

Too Faced Cosmetics


Better than Sex Mascara

The best-selling prestige mascara in the U.S. is extra thick, with a bushy brush and a dark, intense payoff.



Come Hell or High Water Mascara

This water- and smudge-resistant mascara from Wende Zomnir, the founder of Urban Decay cosmetics, surrounds the lashes with polymer tubes. I even wear it swimming.

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