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Founded in 2015 by designer Hunter Craighill, Craighill is a design and manufacturing brand rooted in curiosity, ingenuity, and pleasure. With a world that already has too much “stuff”, Craighill aims to design their products to be as functional and timeless as they are beautiful and intriguing.


From $98.00

Facet Bowl in Marble

Headphone Stand

Nocturn Catch in Marble

Page Indicators, Set of Six

Jack Puzzle

Wavelinks Puzzle

Kepler Pen

Tetra Puzzle

Venn Puzzle

Pen Rest

Desk Knife

Enameled Wilson Keyring in Brass

Desk Knife Plinth

The Analog Gift Box

Arris Sling

Tycho Puzzle

The Collector Gift Box


From $30.00

Closed Helix Keyring


From $78.00

Lark Knife

Offset Keyring

Cloud Planter

Arris Tote

Sigma Touch Tool in Brass

The Discerning Gift Box


From $130.00

Rook Knife

Eyewear Stand in Brass

Sentry Doorstop


From $15.00

Wilson Keyring

King-Post Flask

Ripple Bottle Opener

Station Money Clip

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